Enabling Efficiency with Automation
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Throughout history, organizations have tried to become more efficient, reduce errors, and increase accountability. This push has become necessary with higher wages, limited workforces, and increased costs of equipment. Enasys strives to automate the tracking of assets, inventory, and manufacturing processes to enable efficiency within organizations. With years of proven experience in the industry, the team at Enasys developed a one-stop-shop to improve operations with a best-in-class RFID asset and manufacturing tracking process software.

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Asset tracking

Asset Tracking
Tracking Assets can be complicated and prone to error when using spreadsheets. Enasys automates that process usingRFID and barcodes to allow accountability with check in/out functionality, asset inventories, and asset control permissions. Simply check the Enasys App for real time location, quantity and staff member in possession of the asset.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Historically, tracking of manufacturing processes was down by simple handwritten travelers. Now, the entire process can be digitized and setup with custom alerts for time, quantity, location, and more. Stay compliant with industry regulations like ISO, all while tracking in a completely automated process using radio frequency ID (RFID) tags on the product or batches.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
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Enasys Tablet

The Benefits of EnaSys

Enasys is the result of 30 years of hands on asset tracking experience with some of the industries’ top customers, including NASA, Bureau of Land Management, large medical device companies and much more!

The professional staff at Enasys will use industry expertise to provide a full solution for your organization. Offering readers, portals, tags, and software, Enasys can deliver, install, and train on all needed equipment and software.

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Enasys Partners with the Top Brands

In our quest to offer one-stop, complete asset tracking solutions, we have paired our Enasys software with high-end asset tracking hardware from industry leaders. EDP is an authorized reseller of the following hardware brands: