Traditional methods of asset tracking, control, and inventory, have always been time consuming, expensive, and plagued with inaccuracy.

Ditching the clipboards, manual spreadsheets and even traditional bar code systems in favor of adopting a robust yet affordable and advanced asset tracking solution, is the best way to not only boost accuracy but avoid lost, stolen, or misplaced items – all while reducing your inventory time by 90%.

Imagine completing an inventory in 24 minutes that once took you 4 hours. Enasys can make that a reality.

Developed by Engineered Data Products (30 year industry veterans), Enasys asset tracking software is a user-centric, intuitive platform that simplifies workflow and puts critical item and asset information at your fingertips.

Enasys packages come as a complete solution, bundled with RFID tags or barcode labels (or both), handheld rfid or barcoding scanners  with pre-installed software, and unrivaled customer support –so that you can begin securely tracking your high value fixed assets immediately.

See which Enasys package fits your requirements by looking through the industries and packages below, or contact one of our asset tracking experts below, for a free consultation on a custom solution.

We have RFID tags, scanner barcodes, handheld scanning devices, software, and asset tracking solutions for any industry and any scenario from pharmacy to public safety and beyond.

When you need a strong asset tracking solution, turn to Enasys for easy installation, unrivaled customer support, and the most robust and adaptable asset management software on the market.

Security & Public Safety
Data Center
Insurance • Legal • Finance
facilities management

asset tracking solutions

Single Site, Low Cost Entry.
Asset tracking for medium sized business.
Medium to large sized businesses; multiple sites, user roles, unlimited asset.
Wide Area
Track movement in a single or multi-site installation.
Personnel Verification
Track and inventory hard to reach assets.
Controlled Assignment of Key Assets.

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