Never lose your assets again

Keep track of your assets form anywhere in the world with Enasys asset tracking software


Asset Tracking Features


Tailor the software to your unique needs with fully customizable templates, tables built-in, and unlimited custom fields.

Find Assets

Locate misplaced assets automatically with RFID Real Time Location System or manually with the RFID Geiger counter.

Check-In Check-Out

Track chain of custody and hold employees accountable for the assets they use.


Save time when inventorying assets. RFID-scan a whole room of assets from 30 feet away with just one wave of a scanner.


Automated and Manual Asset Tracking Options

automated asset tracking

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Automatically track where your assets are with antennas set-up throughout your facility, RFID tags, and Enasys software.

manual asset tracking

Handheld Scanning

Track, check in/out, or count your assets using RFID/Barcode handhelds, RFID/Barcode labels, and Enasys software.

Scalable Pricing Model

Our scalable model adapts to your business as you grow. Pricing is based on how many assets are being tracked and the type of automation required. So start small and let Enasys grow with you!

Advanced and Enterprise levels available.


Asset Tracking Case Studies


A helicopter manufacturing company was struggling to keep track of file folders, which was costing upwards of $1,500/day.


A large hardware store was struggling to reach items during the inventory process, which resulted in a time-consuming inventory process with inaccurate results.


A government warehouse operation was not able to keep track of where items and equipment were ending up and who was last responsible for the items.


Tracking Hardware from the Top Brands

In our quest to offer one-stop, complete asset tracking solutions, we have paired our Enasys software with high-end asset tracking hardware from industry leaders. Enasys is an authorized reseller of the following hardware brands: