Better Asset Tracking Starts with EnaSys

Offering a complete solution, EnaSys provides its customers with fully configured software, tags and hardware designed to meet users’ specific requirements. The EnaSys solution is accessible and affordable from small businesses to corporations.  It allows users increases productivity, saves money, provides data for analytics and generates highly accurate reports.

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RFID Asset Tracking is More Accessible Than Ever


EnaSys transforms the asset tracking equation – it substantially reduces the time to take an inventory, track assets and even find assets.  This creates more time and data to analyze, evaluate and better utilize those assets.  EnaSys is the result of 30 years of hands-on asset tracking experience and ongoing customer feedback.  The fully developed EnaSys product is not only the most robust tool of its kind, but also the easiest to use. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, school districts, NASA, Bureau of Land Management, warehouses, large and small businesses, and countless others now use EnaSys to improve their workflow, save time, reduce costs, improve reporting and increase their profitability.

To provide the data required, Enasys packages its software with drones, multi-range portal readers, specialty handhelds and curated tags to ensure optimal performance and data integrity.  Custom features are provided to meet each customer’s requirements.

There’s a better way to track assets and monitor inventory, and it starts with EnaSys. Talk to an EnaSys product specialist today to see how EnaSys can benefit your operation.

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The Benefits of EnaSys

EnaSys is a complete asset tracking and inventory management solution.

A few of the features unique to EnaSys is its search functionality, a ladder that sorts the assets according to your criteria, verifies enrollment and maintains data on the complete asset life cycle.

When you need a robust inventory management system turn to EnaSys for easy installation,  the most adaptable asset tracking solutions on the market along with its unrivaled customer support

Time Savings

The time savings that come with using EnaSys asset management and tracking tools is significant, immediate, and tangible. If you are using manual processes, EnaSys can cut the time it takes to conduct inventory counts by up to 90%, or by half if you are upgrading from a barcode asset tracking setup.

Recently, a client using a legacy inventory management tool switched over to EnaSys. An inventory process that once took 4 hours is now completed in only 24 minutes!

Accurate, Reliable Data

EnaSys asset tracking and inventory management systems are known for providing the most accurate data. Billions of dollars are lost each year to inventory errors. With EnaSys, you can track and locate assets and perform inventory functions with a high degree of accuracy. Many companies provide similar services, but only EnaSys features intelligent software and middleware to filter and manage vast quantities of data coming from RFID scanning processes.

Easy Scalability

EnaSys is fully scalable. An operation with just a handful of employees can scale-up EnaSys to accommodate thousands of employees generating data on an unlimited number of asset attributes. EnaSys tools have been used in nearly every field — from healthcare and school districts, to weapons depots, and NASA.

Unrivaled Support

When you purchase EnaSys products and solutions, you also have the benefit of working with the Engineered Data Products team. Whether you are looking to have tags or equipment installed, or just have questions on how to get the most out of EnaSys software, you can be assured of receiving unparalleled support. Learn more about our team.

The Complete Solution

Some asset tracking solutions providers offer software or hardware, but not the hardware or vice-versa. Whether you require a turnkey solution or just a piece of the asset tracking puzzle, we can find the right tools and solutions for you.

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EnaSys Partners with the Top Brands

In our quest to offer one-stop, complete asset tracking solutions, we have paired our EnaSys software with high-end asset tracking hardware from industry leaders. EDP is an authorized reseller of the following hardware brands:

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