About Enasys

Enasys: Simplifying Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

To clients, Enasys is an inventory tracking system and asset management software that “simply works.” But, to the engineers and teams that made Enasys possible, it is nothing short of a technological achievement, decades in the making. But, what really matters is what Enasys does for you and your organization.

Whether you're performing data center asset tracking or healthcare inventory management, Enasys will work as if it were designed specifically for your business. And, in many ways, our tools are tailored to the needs of the individual and organization at large. Enasys’ many customization and upgrade options make these systems work like a natural extension of many organizations and work processes.

As one of the most sophisticated inventory tracking systems and asset management software ever designed, Enasys connects people, places, and things in real time, giving organizations unparalleled insights into how their assets travel and how to best manage their resources.

About Us

Enasys is produced by EDP Holdings and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. Our inventory tracking system and asset management software sales representatives, resellers, distributors, and professional service teams are based throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Over 30 years ago, we started as market innovators, introducing pressure-sensitive and RFID inventory management technologies to a number of industries. Today, Enasys is leading the charge with Enasys Portal and Enasys Drone technologies.

A Complete Asset Tracking Solution

One aspect that makes Enasys stand out in a crowded industry is the fact that we provide a complete inventory tracking system and asset management software solution. This includes middleware and hardware, as well as the support staff and services that make all of these offerings work flawlessly. Enasys has sought to make its technologies as adaptive, upgradable, and future-proof as possible. With its inherent flexibilities, Enasys can be customized to meet the needs of a broad range of industries — everyone from small businesses and warehouses to NASA and the Bureau of Land Management.

Mission and Vision

Enasys provides industry solutions for a broad range of applications. To fulfill the promise of offering the most flexible and useful asset tracking tools on the market, Enasys works closely with a range of industry resellers, end-users, and manufacturers. Taking a hands-on, involved approach ensures Enasys continues to deliver the highest quality products, software, and support services.

What is Asset Management and Tracking?

Asset management and tracking is the process by which a company uses technologies (or notepads) to document an item’s location, condition, and other attributes. A rudimentary method of asset tracking may involve a spreadsheet and clipboard, while more modern (and far more efficient) methods utilize RFID tags and barcode labels. These “smart labels” allow handheld, portal, and drone systems to identify, track, and locate assets, as well as establish a chain of custody to track who used which asset and when. With advances in technology, such as RFID, assets can now be given an unlimited number of identifying attributes.

Whether you're looking for an inventory tracking system that operates periodically or more frequently, Enasys can be customized for your line of work. Audit your assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, set up custom reports, attribute data to any asset, assign chain of custody and access for assets, and much more.

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