Drone Inventory Management: Overcoming Warehouse Challenges

Tracking and managing assets in large warehouses and storage yards can be challenging (to say the least). With drone inventory management solutions using RFID, EnaSys is changing the asset management and inventory control landscape.

In addition to the sheer vast square footage of warehouses and outdoor storage yards, some assets are continuously on the move. This types of operations need a simple, effective way of identifying the last known location and movement of assets. The solution requires a smart application that is capable of identifying assets, while at the same time, limiting network traffic.

The four most challenging questions an asset manager may face on any given day include:

  • “Do we have the asset?”
  • “Where is the asset?”
  • “How can we limit network traffic to track assets?”
  • “What is the required learning curve for asset tracking software?”

Challenges within Inventory Management

Often, within a large facility, assets are difficult to track due to storage at height, vast areas, large quantities, and regular movement — requiring someone to search for several minutes or more to locate the asset(s).

Assets could be equipment within a hospital, products inside a fulfillment warehouse, documents at a government agency, the servers at a data center and more.

During the tracking process, most scanners continue to report RFID tag-reads until the RFID tag goes out of the reader’s range, flooding networks with redundant RFID tag read traffic and overloading local systems.

The EnaSys Solution

Our drone inventory management and RFID asset tracking software package combines EDP’s patented Origin RFID scanning software with our powerful asset tracking interface, resulting in an intelligent, technologically advanced solution that solves many challenges facing companies who require up-to-date, thorough asset tracking. Origin increases the asset-tracking logic by adding intelligence to the scanner process and lowering network traffic while Enasys Drone simplifies the management interface for tracking assets.

  • Origin portals located at strategic points passively scan assets as they move past fixed scanners
  • Small Origin scanners attached to a drone can quickly access hard-to-reach areas seIf-scanning occurs in a network dead zone, data is cached until the drone reconnects to the network.
  • Technicians with hand scanners can actively scan selective areas to locate assets: identifying existence, location, and who last “touched” the asset.
  • Location tags are placed throughout a facility for accurate mobile location identification.
  • A single event is sent by the scanner for each asset viewed by an Origin scanner.
  • Origin scanners auto-register with the Enasys software, limiting configuration requirements.


EDP’s Origin scanning software and EnaSys RFID asset tracking software are built based on many years of asset tracking knowledge. The software combination of Origin and EnaSys convert complex scanning logic into simple tracking events. Optimize tracking workflows and eliminate frustration and unnecessary costs by identifying an asset’s existence and location.

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