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  • Tailor the software to meet your needs
  • Locate assets quickly
  • Hold employees accountable for the assets they use
  • Efficiently check inventory

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Customizable Asset Tracking Software

With unlimited custom asset classes, menus, and properties, Enasys will not only feel like it was tailor-made for your organization but also continue to feel that way as you grow. Whether you track electronic devices like laptops and tablets, power tools like drills and saws, or even a wide range of varied assets that change periodically, customizing Enasys software is effortless.

Asset Classes Explained 

You can categorize your assets with “asset classes.” For example, in a manufacturing setting, you may decide to organize the assets you wish to track into measurement tools, saws, hand tools, and safety gear. Each of those categories would be an “asset class.”

Menus Explained 

Within each asset class, you can create “menus” and “properties.” Per our example, a user may want to make “menus” for device specifications, warranty information, depreciation values, and maintenance notes within the electronic equipment asset class.

Properties Explained 

Within each of these menus, there are “properties” where the actual detailed information on the asset can be input. According to our example, some of the properties that someone might put under the device specifications menu could be tool type, brand, and size. Similarly, some properties that could live in the warranty information menu are date of purchase, date of warranty expiration, warranty coverage information, and device serial number.

The input fields for the custom properties can also be formatted into drop down lists, check boxes, number only fields, text fields, and more, which increases efficiency and provides even more granular customization.

Benefits of Ultra Customizable Asset Tracking Software 

The granular customization features of Enasys are all speedy and straightforward to use. With just a few clicks, a user can create a whole new structure for asset tracking, making for easy setup and changes to the internal system as the organization grows and changes.

Locate Lost or Misplaced Assets

Enasys software will ensure that you never lose your assets again. The features available in the Enasys platform for tracking assets are highly dependent on the hardware used in the setup of the asset tracking system.

Real-Time Location System features are available if RFID tags pair with RFID readers, antennas, and RFID hand scanners.

A team can use Enasys’ Geiger Counter feature to locate assets if RFID tags and hand scanners are the hardware used in the asset tracking system.

Manual entries in the Enasys platform will record the last known location of an asset if the asset tracking system uses barcodes and barcode hand scanners (or mobile devices used as a scanner).

Hardware upgrades can be made at any time with no data loss; only the software functionality increases with upgrades.

Check-in and Check-out Assets

Add employees on the Enasys software as “custodians,” and when they need to use an asset, they can check the item out and check it back in when they are done using it. During this process, the person checking in an asset can document where the asset was left, so it can be found easily for the next person who needs to check out the asset. This information is stored in the asset’s profile in the Enasys platform under the “history” tab.

This functionality is available with all hardware options; however, with Real-Time Location System hardware, the “history” tab on the asset’s profile also shows the asset’s movement around the trackable area and the name of who had the asset checked out while it moved.

Inventory Assets

Enasys software can track inventory, calculate depreciated value of the assets, and send this data to accounting software through the Enasys rest API.

RFID for Inventory

On the other hand, when RFID tags and RFID hand scanners are used, time spent on inventory and the amount of human error during inventory is reduced an incredible amount. This is because a whole room full of items with RFID tags can be scanned from a single wave of a scanner from up to 30 feet away.

Barcodes for Inventory

The hardware used for asset tracking is important only to how the scanning for inventory is conducted. If barcodes are used, each asset will need to be scanned individually. This is an excellent option for businesses that do not have vast quantities of assets or are trying out asset tracking to see if it would help their organization. Although individually scanning each barcode is a manual process that is more time-consuming than the automated process RFID provides, barcodes can be scanned in the Enasys app with a phone or tablet camera. This capability of the Enasys software can keep hardware costs very low.

Choosing the best solution for your inventory needs

Enasys’ capabilities for capturing data and providing that data to accounting software are standard regardless of the hardware that best fits your organization. Our team would be more than happy to speak with you and assist you in understanding the pricing for the Enasys software, hardware, and what setup is most fit to your budget and needs. Contact us today!


Directory Systems

Onboarding and off boarding users in the Enasys platform is quick and easy with the directory system integration. Our clients often use Active Directory or One Login, but Enasys supports many other directory systems as well. Reach out to confirm your directory system is supported here.

Advanced user permissions

Enasys also has advanced user permission settings. The available permission tiers are, view access, read/write access, and admin privileges (on a software-wide and asset level basis).

Rest API

Enasys can be connected to any third-party software with a Rest API. Some examples of software that Enasys connects to through a Rest API are Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Net Suite, Sage, SAP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and more.