Take Inventory Counts to New Heights

Whether inventory is stacked high, packed deep, or simply spread out across a wide area, Enasys inventory management solutions and RFID drone control systems are up to the challenge.

Drone Inventory Control with Enasys

In a recent report out of MIT, researchers have found that RFID-enabled drone inventory control systems could save warehouses and distributors billions of dollars from inventory-stock disparities. Just a few years ago, Walmart reported over $3 billion in lost revenue due to inventory errors.

Warehousing companies are now turning to inventory management solutions and RFID-enabled drone control systems powered by Enasys to cut costs and generate inventory reports with high accuracy. You can also reduce the time it takes to conduct inventories by 90%.

Safer, more profitable and productive inventory counting starts with Enasys. Are you ready to take your warehousing operation to new heights? Talk to an Enasys RFID drone solutions expert today.

Reduce Time Spent Counting Inventory by 90%
If you are using a barcode or manual inventory counting process, what will you do with all the time you will save after adding an Enasys RFID drone asset tracking solution? Currently, the Enasys team is helping logistics facilities to reduce the time it takes to conduct inventories by up to 90%. These inventory management solutions and drone control systems not only reduces labor costs, but also helps warehouses and distribution facilities generate more profits by tackling common inventory errors, many of which are due to user error and outdated systems.

Enasys offers a complete inventory management solution and drone control system package. Hardware, software, middleware, smart labels, and RFID tags. For over 30 years, the Enasys team has been helping companies conduct efficient inventory counts and we can develop a custom solution for your facility.

Why Warehouses and Distribution Centers Use Enasys Drone Asset Tracking
The largest warehouses and manufacturing facilities are now turning to RFID-enabled drones to help manage assets and inventories. Drones fitted with RFID readers can conduct inventories of upper-shelf items without putting the safety of employees at risk.

The process couldn’t be any easier. As the RFID-enabled drone glides down each row, it wirelessly scans every RFID tag on the shelf. Since each tag has unique identifiers, it’s virtually impossible to double-count items that are in stock. The network-connected drone then sends data to your Enasys software and creates a historical record of the tag read event.

Asset tracking and inventory counting with drones are ideal for workplaces such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even construction sites looking to track expensive machinery and equipment.

These drones are safe, too. Enasys drones have onboard proximity sensors to prevent accidental collisions with workers and equipment.