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EnaSys Express: Asset Tracking for Small Business

EnaSys Express brings affordable, streamlined asset tracking to small business entities and those tracking less than 10,000 assets. As a flexible, affordable asset tracking solution, EnaSys allows you to track RFID and barcode labels interchangeably. Your team can continue to use legacy tracking labels as you transition to the latest smart labels. Existing asset databases can even be migrated individually or in bulk using the EnaSys’ data loader software.

Saving time and money is always good for business. EnaSys software and asset tracking solutions will help your operation become more efficient and deliver solid returns on your investment. Business owners typically see a complete ROI within 18 months of implementing EnaSys.

Compatible with Many Handheld Scanners
EnaSys works with a number of scanners, helping users fulfill inventory and asset tracking requirements with ease. Assets are tracked using single or multiple barcodes and/or RFID tags to fulfill inventory and loss prevention goals.

Grows with Your Business
EnaSys is a fully scalable solution that will grow with your company over time. When the demands of your business require more asset-tracking features, you can easily upgrade your EnaSys package to take advantage of advanced functions and user options.

Flexible Tagging with RFID and Barcode
Are you looking to incorporate RFID into your inventory flow, but not quite ready to replace all your barcode tags? EnaSys Express customers have the ability to use both RFID and barcode tags in tracking and inventorying assets.

Asset tags can include any number of user-defined attributes. This allows users to search assets by name, location, or other relevant piece of information.

90% Reduction in Inventory Count Times
EnaSys Express allows users to inventory assets in one-tenth of the time it takes to conduct inventories using manual processes. With its rapid inventory capabilities, single-site warehouses and businesses can increase the frequency of inventories and devote more time to other essential tasks, like growing their business.

Easy Reporting
The asset history function of EnaSys provides a “cradle-to-grave” perspective on an asset’s chronological history. EnaSys Express displays assets in a flat view for quick data interpretation. Express is well-suited to healthcare and government asset tracking, but can be adapted to virtually any industry or setting.

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