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RFID Employee Badges and Smart Personnel Verification Solutions

Enasys offers a streamlined, security-conscious approach to personnel verification systems. With RFID employee badges and personnel tracking software from Enasys, the largest organizations in the world are now able to control access to secure areas and key assets.

Personnel tracking software can be used with numerous verification technologies such as barcodes, swipe cards, proximity cards, and RFID employee badges. The Enasys team can recommend a solution that works best for your employee-tracking needs, such as:

  • Checking in/checking out equipment and vehicles
  • Attendance and time clocks
  • Location tracking
  • Certification
  • …and much more

How Secure are Your Facilities and Assets?
Enasys open-source personnel tracking software and RFID employee badges give administrators complete control over assigning security clearance levels. These tools are especially useful in securing access to munitions, uniforms, weapons, as well as sensitive documents and financial assets. The flexibility of these systems allows administrators to quickly and securely grant or revoke access to employees, contractors, and vendors on a temporary or permanent basis.

While Enasys tools are often used by military installations, financial institutions, healthcare centers, and other secure facilities, employee tracking tools can be customized to meet the security and access needs across a broad spectrum of industries.

RF-Enabled Proximity Cards
Companies and organizations of all sizes now issue RF-enabled ID cards that go beyond the function of basic identification. Students, instructors, and administrators now use RF-enabled ID cards in educational settings. The same is true in corporate environments, where employees use RF-enabled cards to gain access to property and to log hours for timekeeping purposes.

There are many benefits to deploying RF-enabled access cards in the workplace. Administrators can activate and deactivate badges, or grant/revoke access privileges to contractors, part-time, or temporary employees on a permanent or temporary basis.

There are many advantages to choosing an Enasys-based system. The system often pays for itself within 8 to 18 months and many clients find our personnel verification tools to be intuitive and frustration-free.

Personnel Verification for Military and Law Enforcement
Military and law enforcement campuses require advanced personnel tracking software and RFID employee badges to prevent unauthorized access to weaponry, uniforms, and other assets. Enasys is used at military bases and law enforcement facilities, where it is used to maintain security clearance levels and restrict access to secure areas.

Custom Employee Tracking Solutions
Enasys works with many one-of-a-kind organizations in finance, education, aerospace, and government. For these types of facilities, an off-the-shelf personnel verification system is not always ideal. All Enasys personnel tracking software, RFID employee badges and open-source access control systems are customizable to meet the exact needs of your organization.

Through a consultation with Enasys, we can recommend any combination of solutions such as RFID badges, magnetic swipe cards, NFC access badges, and other personnel verification systems. Contact us today to get started.