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Enasys Wide Area: Inventory Counting in Large Areas

Inventory management or asset tracking in large warehouses or across large areas comes with its own inherent challenges. Not only does the physical distance between racks make the process labor intensive, but expansive spaces also add to the difficulty of tracking of key assets. Fortunately, there is Enasys Wide Area, a warehouse inventory management software and asset tracking service solution that allows administrators to streamline the process of tracking, locating, and managing assets spread out across vast spaces.

How does our warehouse inventory management software and asset tracking service work? RFID readers and antennas placed at doorways, exits, shipping docks, and other strategic points throughout the building or worksite capture and record the movement of assets as they travel from one location to the next. RFID zones are fine-tuned to meet your specific tag-reading requirements, making this the perfect system for large warehouses and construction sites.

Key Features

  • Track inventory at strategic transition points such as entryways and exits
  • Track backroom inventory from arrival to departure
  • Manage inventory at POS or customer waiting areas

A Robust System that is Easy to Use
In manufacturing, distribution, retail, and construction environments, products and assets are constantly moving from location to location. Our warehouse inventory management software and asset tracking seamlessly merges data from both fixed and mobile RFID readers, giving you a clear picture of what items are sitting on the shelves, moving through the facility, or moving heading out the door. Enasys Wide Area is designed for use alongside RFID-reading drones for greater asset tracking data and efficiencies.

These advancements in RFID technology extend the capabilities of business intelligence gathering at the key phases of inventory management, preventing theft, lost sales, downtime, and other common issues.

RFID Readers and Antennas
Enasys is compatible with many RFID readers and antennas on the market. This includes the ever-popular brands of Impinj, Invengo, Zebra, Honeywell, Code, and many more. Enasys offers on-site installation and consulting services to ensure RFID readers and antenna systems are strategically placed and effective at picking up RFID tags on items as they move from room to room or location to location.

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