Automated vs. Manual Asset Tracking

Automated Asset Tracking: Real-Time Location System

A real-time location system (RTLS) is an automated system that can track the movement and location of objects.

For an RTLS system to function, two elements are necessary: hardware and software. Essentially, the hardware of an RTLS gathers information about the movement and location of objects. The software acquires the movement and location information collected by the hardware, then documents and organizes it into easy-to-understand records. These records are accessible by the software’s end-users with just a few clicks. There is no need to manually input an item’s location every time it is used because the RTLS documents that information automatically.

Learn more about the features available in Enasys’ RTLS asset tracking systems here.

Enasys’ turn-key real-time location system solution 

Enasys is a subscription-based software platform that documents the movement and location of objects in a real-time location system. Although the software is only half of the setup needed for an RTLS to function, Enasys provides a full-service, turnkey solution.

Our team is highly knowledgeable in how to design real-time location systems that meet unique tracking needs. We work with all of our clients to understand their tracking needs, budget considerations, and where the tracking will occur, then we suggest various setup options. We are a certified re-seller of the major hardware brands on the market. We are familiar with the features of all popular hardware options and can advise choosing the products that best fit your organization’s needs. Additionally, we have installation technicians at the ready for getting hardware installed with minimal turn-around time.

Once the hardware is installed, our tech experts assist clients in setting up the RTLS in the Enasys software. Ongoing support is always available to help troubleshoot any issues that arise or advise how to structure the RTLS to fit a change in needs. As a smaller business, Enasys can provide tailored support to clients every step of the way. After all, an asset tracking system is supposed to make your organization run more smoothly; it shouldn’t be a headache to set up.

Manual Asset Tracking: RFID and Barcode Asset Tracking

For organizations that don’t need automated asset tracking, there are manual asset tracking options. Manual asset tracking systems differ from automated asset tracking systems in that manual systems require a user to input where an asset was left after each use and by whom.

Enasys software is still beneficial in manual tracking systems. Users can still keep track of the chain-of-custody, maintenance records/alerts, assist in inventory, and more; however, the hardware of the manual asset tracking system does impact the software’s accessible features.

RFID tags paired with RFID hand scanners  

Finding misplaced assets

When an asset labeled with an RFID tag is misplaced, a user can open the Enasys platform on a mobile device (like a tablet or a smartphone) and pick up a hand scanner. The user can then initiate Enasys’ Geiger counter feature and identify the asset they would like to find. The Geiger counter will then provide feedback on if the hand scanner is getting closer or farther from the asset as the user walks around the facility with the hand scanner.

Conducting Inventory

With RFID-based manual asset tracking systems, inventory can be completed exponentially quicker than it can be conducted via traditional methods. One wave of an RFID hand scanner can scan all assets in a 30-foot radius, so there is no wasting of time scanning each asset one by one. Beyond the time savings alone, this streamlined process has significantly benefited our client’s accuracy of inventory.

Additionally, the Enasys software integrates with accounting software and can calculate depreciation values for assets and send the inventory data to your finance team’s system automatically in real-time. An RFID-based system’s increased efficiency and accuracy for inventory purposes alone is a draw for many organizations.

Barcode labels paired with a smartphone or barcode scanner

The Enasys software can assist organizations that utilize a barcode system. The Enasys mobile application can even be used as a barcode scanner, making Enasys accessible to small businesses that can’t invest in barcode scanners just for asset tracking purposes.

Tracking assets

In a barcode-based manual asset tracking system, it is up to the software’s users to document the last known location of an asset for items not to get misplaced. This system is excellent for smaller businesses where facilities aren’t vast or for assets that are difficult to move, like desks and file cabinets, for example.

Conducting inventory

Conducting inventory in a barcode-based manual asset tracking system requires each asset to be scanned one by one. This manual process can be worthwhile for particular business structures because the hardware costs associated with a barcode-based asset tracking system are lower than an RFID-based system.

Regardless of the hardware used in the system best fit for your organization, the Enasys software will calculate inventoried assets’ depreciation values and send this inventory data to accounting software in real-time.

For more information on all of the features the Enasys software provides, learn more here.