Choosing the Right RFID Tags

Did you know that there is no such thing as a “universal RFID tag?” Different asset material types require specific types of labels in order to be effective — a fact many businesses unfortunately discover by doing a DIY approach.

When a new client approaches us for recommendations on RFID tags for asset tracking and inventory management, we usually follow up the question with more questions: “What type of material(s) will you be using the labels on? How will they be applied? Will these be used in cold, hot, or humid areas?”

#1. What type of material are you placing the tag on?

Metal? Wood? Paper? Plastic? Uniforms?

Each of these examples requires a different type of tag to ensure optimal performance.

#2. How will the tag be applied?

Adhesive foam backing? Hanging the tag to asset? Screwing the tag to the asset? Some form of glue or epoxy? Size of area to place tag on? How thick can the label be? Read range needed?

Obviously, you don’t want to place a tag on your asset only to discover it has fallen off in a matter of days.  At EnaSys, our experts will guide you through this critical step and put you on the path to successful asset tracking and inventory management with RFID tags.

#3. What elements will the assets will be exposed to?

Heat? Cold ? Pressure? Outdoor/Indoor? Chemical exposure? Gamma?

#4. Encoding

Pre-encoded? Will you be encoding? Labels?

Regardless of your needs and types of assets, Enasys will provide an optimal RFID tag solution that will save you time and money for years to come.

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