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The scope of work occurred at a high-profile aerospace facility in the southern United States. The location houses aeronautical research efforts relating to both air and spacecraft safety, utility, and performance.


The large and varied inventory housed therein made for complex asset management. Coupled with extensive security and confidentiality requirements, the organization needed a system that was both reliable and flexible. In this mission-critical atmosphere, managers and operators sought a better method to audit, identify, track, and manage costly equipment as it is transferred between laboratories, data centers, and field locations.


1. A sophisticated RFID handheld audit solution.

2. A simple method of Asset Relocation (moving asset between racks or locations).

3. A system to easily integrate to their legacy, SAP system.

4. A technology, that uses an RFID handheld to assist in the location of missing assets.

5. A rapid and easy to use Tag Enrollment process for assigning and associating RFID tags to their respective assets.

Current Process:

The in-house team currently utilized manual physical audits that were expensive and time-consuming. A barcode-based system, which required full visibility, was cumbersome. Real-time search was not available, contributing to confusion and mismanagement of items.

Solution and Implementation:

The organization opted for an installation of EnaSys RFID solution. The chosen system included integrated and synchronized handheld scanners as well as customized databases and software. This provided the ability to catalogue, track, and audit assets, which lead to full inventory visibility and more comprehensive reporting.

Utilizing ISO18000-6c compliant RFID tags and three different models of RFID handheld readers, assets were identified, sorted, and appropriately tagged throughout individual offices, thereby fully streamlining the audit process. EDP also provided two days of on-site comprehensive technical training at each of the 12 sites to verify successful installation and understanding across all interested parties.

Results and Benefit:

The facility was able to improve audit efficiency by 30% and basic inventory speed by 80%. Desired functionality and services were installed and provided. This has significantly enhanced asset management accuracy, particularly within mobile labs. ROI on the complete project was only 15 months and resulted in implementation at multiple sites for a variety of applications.

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