Rfid Tracking System For Tools

Rfid Tracking System For Tools

Places like hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants and construction yards have lots of equipment and tools that are worth thousands of dollars when estimated, but it is quite unfortunate that managers do not either know of the possibility of RFID tracking or see a reason why these pieces of equipment should be properly organized, managed and kept secure.

The RFID asset tracking is one technology that can help to save the amount spent on tools replacement after they get missing as their real-time location can be accessed.

RFID Tags 

These are devices attached to different objects that ensure the maintenance and management of these objects to ensure their safety and reduce issues of loss and replacement.

Each tool is tagged, while the required hardware and software procedures are carried out on it, the user can have a wide range of visibility into different sectors like the inventory and toolboxes. Huge companies that make use of a large number of tools are those positioned to benefit greatly from this technology.

Types of RFID Asset Trackers

Depending on the work they are needed for, there are several types, they include.

  1. Mobile Inventory Systems
  2. Tool Picking Systems 
  3. Inventory Control Systems
  4. Check-in/ Check-out Inventory Systems.
  5. Tool History Systems.

How They Work

The hardware and software parts of RFID tags are the two most important compartments, as the bulk of the working principles are embedded in there.

Information is passed along the RFID readers, cables, antennas and RFID tags that help to capture data and project them for access remotely, ensuring users can account for every tool these tags are placed on and be able to make important management  decisions 

Enasys and RFID Tags for Tools

Enasys is a tech-based company, located in Colorado, equipped with knowledgeable technicians who knows the working principle behind RFID tags and can build one to meet the needs of specific requests 

We are in the business of creating custom made RFID  asset trackers for Manufacturing or construction companies, pieces of equipment like hand tools, saws, measurement tools and safety gears can be accounted for to know their location and ensure their safety.

Benefits of Enasys RFID Tags

There are several benefits individuals derive from dealing with us.

  1. Individuals or companies have the luxury of specifying the kind of RFID tags they want as our technicians can create customized RFID Tags to fit into their specifications.
  2. Enasys tags can be connected to any third-party network like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Net Suite, Sage, SAP and many more, to help widen the platform for usage.


Others might see a box of tools but we at Enysys see such a box as one containing expensive company assets that need to be properly managed and accounted for so that losses are not accumulated 

Sectors like the Construction, healthcare, manufacturing should take advantage of this 21st-century technology, individuals also can make use of this opportunity, click here to get started with a quote.

Rfid Tracking System For Tools
Rfid Tracking System For Tools
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Rfid Tracking System For Tools Rfid Tracking System For Tools