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1. At times, Enasys appears to be slow. Why?

First time use - Enasys will connect to the database and create the required data-structure.

Subsequent uses should not require database set up time. Enasys without a scanner - Enasys tries to connect to a scanner when managing assets. At times there will be a small time-lag while Enasys connects to the scanner.

2. What are the differences between express, professional, and enterprise versions of Enasys?

Express - small shops with thousands assets and a single user. Implements simple Bluetooth scanners (attached and detached), Inventory subsets, and data-loading.

Professional - medium sized company with tens of thousands of assets and multiple users. Includes Express functionality, asset hierarchy, multiple users, and synchronized devices.

Enterprise - multiple sites with unlimited assets. Includes Professional features, multiple synchronized databases, asset privileges, asset ownership, and event-action alerts.

3. How Is Enasys Priced?

Purchase only the features you need. The cost per quantity decreases as more users, assets, and activations are purchased.

4. Can I run a demo version? Are there installation instructions?

Yes. Request an installation package from Enasys, review Installation instructions, install and preview. The demo version limits the number of assets; purchasing a license will increase asset limits. Use a supported hand scanner to preview Enasys' full functionality.

5. Can i get help installing Enasys?

Yes. Contact an Enasys support person or your sales representative for details. Pricing will vary based on your support contract.

6. Can I upload my existing data into Enasys?

Yes. We include a mapping tool for data import. Data can be inserted or updated — manually or automated in batch mode. See the Data Import User Guide for additional details.

7. Can I upgrade the license as my company grows?

Yes. Upgrading a license will replace your current license with a new expanded license. Contact your Enasys representative for additional details.

8. Will my existing data remain when I upgrade the license?

Yes. Upgrading a license will increase functionality without altering your data.

9. Can licenses be combined?

No. Upgrade the License to expand functionality. Each License and Activation is validated per computer. Purchase multiple separate Express or Professional Licenses for distinct Divisions or Companies.

10. Which scanners are supported?

We continue to add additional barcoding scanners and RFID scanners to our list of supported equipment.

11. Which UI platforms are supported?

Enasys requires .NET 4.5. Enasys has been tested on Windows 7 newer Windows OS. We plan to extend the functionality to multiple devices including hand scanners, phones and more. The UI is specifically built to look and feel the same regardless of the platform; simple and short learning curve.

12. Does Enasys work with MS SQL Express?

Yes. Enasys has been tested onSQL 2008 R2. We will verify functionality as new versions of SQL are released. Minimum requirements are SQL 2008 R2 Express. For your benefit, use Microsoft's suggested hardware requirements for a database server.

13. Which types of tags are supported?

RFID and barcode scanning are supported.

14. Which RFID tags should I purchase?

RFID tag costs and usage vary to each application. As an example: Metal containers require specialized RFID tags, which are more expensive. Contact Enasys for help determining which tags will work best for you.

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