Improve Accountability and Increase Structure with Our Check In / Check Out Feature

Tracking assets, and keeping track of who is responsible for the asset is critical for companies. Whether it is AV equipment, machinery, or a small tool, these assets can be expensive to replace or can cause a halt in production process if lost. For example, in 2015, the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in California reported 383 items missing or stolen from 2010 to 2014. The missing assets were valued at more than $11 million. Not only did that affect the patients looking for immediate access to that equipment, it also required possible diversion of other valuable resources that the medical center may have had. Enasys‘ check-out / check-in feature streamlines that issue by increasing accountability within the company. Enasys’ dynamic features keep the consumer in complete control of all assets by allowing unlimited user and member permissions, location based checkouts and location sorting. If an item goes missing, Enasys software can tell you what time, who and where the last item was checked out to.

Enasys’ check-out / check-in feature utilizes RFID
technology with the use of tags, barcodes, scanners and portals. Another attribute of Enasys software is the user and member permission access. Enasys allows for administrative rights given to ‘users’ who will act as the gatekeeper of the assets. Users can give and allow certain permissions to ‘members’ who will be the standard day-to-day staff checking out/in assets. If a ‘member’ doesn’t meet qualifications to use an asset, a ‘user’ will be able to deny permission for that ‘member’. For example a ‘member’ who is not up to date on welding qualifications can be denied access to the welder when attempting to check out that asset. This process keeps admins in complete control of what is being checked out and back in, while keeping valuables out of inexperienced hands.

When checking an asset out, one of the important things to remember is where that asset is coming from and where it is ultimately going. With Enasys software, users are able to choose what location the item is coming from as well as picking where the item is going (each with time stamps showing when the asset left the location). At any time users can advance search for items that have been checked-out by entering the name of the asset or scanning the asset in Enasys.


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