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Asset tracking

Your company’s assets are always on the move. It can be unproductive and frustrating to try to track the location of those assets, in addition to their maintenance histories or life cycles.  Enasys provides solutions to this complicated process. Using RFID and barcode technology, you will know the location of all your assets and their condition. With an asset tracking and inventory system from Enasys, your business can also get updated inventory numbers at any time or location in your process. 

We provide software solutions that are unique to your business and process. The asset tracking software is customizable, with unlimited fields and hierarchies that will work in any location and fit your specific needs.

The RFID and barcode technology utilized by Enasys’ asset tracking and inventory system’s software will increase efficiency by saving wasted time looking for assets. Instead of requiring laborious manual record keeping, which is inherently inaccurate, RFID can be utilized to track where each asset is in your facility. By simply walking within 30 feet of an asset, its location will be recorded and added to the inventory. This simple process can be done without interfering with the workflow or stopping production.

Enasys can take your company’s asset tracking and inventory system capabilities to the next level, and increase overall efficiency with our RFID and barcode solutions. Contact our team today!

The asset tracking technology from Enasys includes the following features:

Check-in /
Unlimited Customizable Fields
Unlimited Hierarchies
User Controls
Unlimited Users
Life Cycle Management
Customized Reports
Mobile, Cloud, Local, and Desktop
Advanced Security
Handheld Scanners