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The one certainty about a data center is that they will change.  The switches, routers, servers and other equipment move constantly.  Either redeployed or de-provisioned, taken offline for maintenance, or stored for later use, Data Center assets are in a constant state of movement.  Knowing where any asset is at any time, who has touched it last and who has it now is key to securing both the equipment and the sensitive information it holds.  With technology constantly advancing as well and the cost with keeping up, having an accurate asset listing that is up to date in along with utilization information all presented in a customized report will strengthen the request for additional purchases.

An asset tracking system should allow data center professionals administrative peace of mind while saving them money and time. Increasing accuracy and accountability while guiding routine maintenance, ensuring proper placement and tracking usage, an advanced asset tracking system provides not only reports but provides asset intelligence as well. Most of all the asset tracking system should provide a payback between 8 and 18 months.

Due to the cost of criticality, most all data center assets, not just servers, switches and routers but portable IT equipment, disks, SSDs and tapes as well.  The data center manager should be able to track:  

·      Deployment time
·      Install time
·      Utilization
·      Maintenance
·      Complete life Cycle
·      Technicians
·      Offsite assets including MDF and IDF closets
·      Movement of assets to locations both within and without the Data Center      

EnaSys offers customization to meet the needs of each data center. All data center managers, from a handful of assets to server farms, will be able to perform at a higher level with the Enasys tracking solution.

For services outside of asset tracking, such as data center cleaning, please visit Critical Facilities Solutions website.

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