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Enasys provides complete lifecycle data asset tracking solutions, from acceptance and installation all the way through certified destruction.

IT Asset Management with Enasys

Data centers always seek to keep up with the latest advancements in technology. Can you say the same for your current IT asset management and data center infrastructure software? Enasys offers a suite of data center asset management tools to ensure equipment is only checked in and out by authorized users, and each piece of equipment is there when you need it.

Our IT asset management and data center infrastructure software promotes more productive environments. Staff members can devote more time to handling day-to-day operations instead of handling laborious inventory duties or hunting down pieces of a misplaced equipment. Enasys is secure, too. Asset management software resides behind your company’s firewall, ensuring critical data and sensitive information remain secure.

Experience the efficiency, security, and cost savings that come naturally with Enasys barcode and RFID solutions — schedule a consultation with a technologist or member of the Enasys sales staff.

Fast Asset Tracking for Data Centers  
Change is the only constant when it comes to running a data center. Switches, routers, servers, and other equipment are constantly on the move. Data center assets — whether they are being redeployed, de-provisioned, taken offline for maintenance, or stored for later use — are always in a state of constant movement. Knowing where assets are at any time, or who last held possession of an asset, is key to securing both the equipment and the sensitive information it contains. Technology is constantly advancing. (So are the costs of maintenance.)  Having an accurate, up-to-date list of assets, along with their utilization information presented in customized reports, helps to strengthen purchase requests while ensuring the accountability of your department.

An IT asset management and data center infrastructure software system should allow professionals “administrative peace of mind” while saving them money and time. Increasing accuracy and accountability while guiding routine maintenance, ensures proper placement and tracking usage. An advanced asset tracking system such as Enasys not only provides highly accurate reports, but valuable asset intelligence as well. Most of all, most data centers experience a return on their investment in Enasys within 8 to 18 months.

Due to the cost of criticality, most data centers need to track servers, but also switches, routers, as well as portable IT equipment such as disks, SSDs, and tapes as well. With Enasys and our IT asset management, data center managers can effectively track, record, and report key data, such as:

  • Deployment time
  • Utilization
  • Complete life cycle
  • Offsite assets including MDF and IDF closets
  • Installation time
  • Maintenance
  • Technicians
  • Assets moving inside and outside the data center

Enasys offers a full spectrum of customization options to meet the needs of all data center managers. Whether you are managing a handful of assets or an entire server farm, Enasys provides a complete asset tracking and management solution.

Keep Your Data Center Clean
For data center infrastructure software that goes beyond asset tracking, visit  Critical Facilities Solutions, a sister company to Enasys. Critical Facilities Solutions offers data center cleaning, zinc whisker remediation, raised access flooring, and other services to enhance the productivity and longevity of your data center.

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