Wondering how to manage the equipment inventory in a school? Whether you need asset tracking solutions for a university or you need help with school district inventory management, EnaSys asset tracking software is your easy solution! 

Whether it be ensuring compliance with government regulations (e.g. GASB, OMB) or reporting accurately for grant-funded assets, the proper asset tracking system should allow educators to spend more time teaching and less time counting while increasing accuracy and accountability.  From the traditional tools and equipment such as books, overhead projectors and desks, the investment has ballooned into all types of handheld and desk placed IT equipment.  Guiding routine maintenance, ensuring proper placement, tracking usage, purchasing, commissioning, deploying, re-deploying and decommissioning all need to be tracked.

An asset tracking system should allow educators, both those involved directly with student and administrators, the peace of mind of knowing what they have and where their assets are all while saving them money and time. Increasing accuracy and accountability while guiding routine maintenance, ensuring proper placement and tracking usage, an advanced asset tracking system provides not only reports but provides asset intelligence as well.  Achieving this capability should not come at a high cost as the asset tracking system should provide a payback between 8 and 18 months.

EnaSys is a proven software engine that is user friendly and comprehensive.  However, understanding the uniqueness of every situation, EnaSys offers customization to meet the individual needs of each educational institution. Finding the perfect asset tracking solutions for universities, k-12 schools, and other institutions of learning, is one of the things we do best.

Our asset management software has been designed to expand and is continually upgraded to make the user’s life easier.  All educators will be able to track assets with an elevated level of accuracy with an EnaSys tracking solution.

Our asset tracking software makes school district inventory management easy, and you'll no longer be wondering how to manage the equipment inventory in a school because our system is intuitive and we train you on everything you need to know, from the point of set up.

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