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Learn how Enasys is reducing costs, improving the educational process, and how asset tracking can benefit your school.

School Asset Tracking Software for K-12, University, and Trade Schools

How does one school district keep tabs on 50-plus schools, 35,000 students, and an assortment of assets spread out over 5 million square feet? Actually, very well. Enasys takes the guesswork out of school asset tracking software, improving accountability and simplifying the asset reporting process.

Enasys makes it easy to transition from manual asset tracking spreadsheets and legacy systems and take advantage of the latest RFID asset tracking technologies. Import databases directly into Enasys and your existing logs merge seamlessly with new entries. Asset previously labeled with barcodes are grandfathered into the Enasys system as assets are updated with RFID tags.

Better tracking of assets in education starts with Enasys. With our school asset tracking software and RFID student ID cards, you will save money, reduce asset losses, and generate highly accurate reports that can be used for funding and materials requests. To get started, speak with an Enasys representative today or download the education brochure for additional details.

How Enasys Saves Schools Money
These days, many K-12 schools are underfunded, yet still under pressure to further cut costs. With Enasys, schools, universities, and trade programs are better able to manage their assets and reduce losses from lost or misplaced items. Generating highly accurate asset data gives educators more leverage in planning and negotiating budgets with school boards and trustees.

Through RFID-tracking technology, Enasys provides an additional layer of security and accountability, protecting assets from theft and misallocation. Most school districts and universities that incorporate Enasys into their asset-tracking process realize a return on their investment in as little as eight to eighteen months. After this period, districts can use the savings to funds other programs.

Enasys is future-proof, too. Regular updates enhance the functionality of Enasys, allowing users to take advantage of future technologies, or even customized to bring additional functionalities as requested by administrators or educators.

RFID School ID Cards
Speaking of asset tracking, there is no greater asset than in protecting the security of students; the students of today will become the thought leaders of tomorrow. Our school asset tracking software works with a variety of student ID cards, including RFID, magnetic swipe, barcode, and proximity cards. By incorporating access controls into student and staff ID cards, administrators can control access to certain campus facilities in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process, yet fulfills the security and asset protection requirements of educational institutions.

A Case Study: EnaSys Helps One of America’s Largest School Districts

Recently, Enasys helped one of North America’s largest school districts upgrade their asset tracking system. The district identified 3,500 items as being high-value assets. These assets include everything from musical instruments, golf carts, tools, and meat grinders, to IT items such as tablets, laptops, and monitors.

The consultation centered on how to reduce costs resulting from asset losses, mismanagement, and identify assets that are unutilized. Trombones, tablets, monitors, meat grinders, golf carts, laptops, and high-value IT equipment can now be tracked and located with ease.

The school district’s process of receiving, adding items to the ERP system, and deploying assets to their intended destinations was fairly streamlined and worked well as a whole. But, when it came to increasing accountability, compliance, and reducing the number of assets that went missing or were lost completely — these are the areas where the current process fell short. Plus, taking inventory over an area of 5 million square feet was physically demanding and labor-intensive. An employee had to locate each asset, scan the barcode, cross reference points of data within the database, inspect the asset, and add notes. All of these steps further added to the complexity of tracking assets.

Enasys recommended the Enasys Enterprise edition. This RFID-based asset tracking and inventory management solution reduced many of the “pain points” the district was experiencing in their currently inventory and asset tracking processes. With Enterprise, the Import tool allowed data to be imported from every location. The combined RFID scanner and tablet allowed the staff to scan existing asset barcodes, then apply RFID tags to associate the asset and generate live notes to document the condition and location of the asset. Asset data is then updated to the district’s ERP system on a daily basis, at a set time.

In cases like these, the Enasys team was able to gain an understanding of the situation and recommend a solution that will bring long-term advantages.

Greater Accuracy and Accountability
Whether it is ensuring compliance with government regulations (e.g. GASB, OMB) or creating highly accurate reports for grant-funded assets, the proper asset tracking system allows educational administrators to spend more time focusing on the education-related activities and less time using outdated asset-tracking processes.

Enasys allows school districts to track assets with greater accuracy and accountability. One of the great things about the Enasys system is that Enasys can take the information gained from legacy asset tracking systems and incorporate this into the new framework. So, there is no need to replace bar codes or start your database over from scratch. Simply import your existing database into the Enasys application and start experiencing the time-saving benefits the very same day.

School asset tracking software and RFID student ID cards give educators – both those involved directly with students and administrators – the peace of mind in knowing where assets are located at all times, all while saving them time and money.

Asset tracking increases the accuracy and accountability of key assets while guiding maintenance and replacement schedules. An advanced asset tracking system such as Enasys not only provides reports but also data and information administrators can put to good use. In most instances, Enasys asset tracking delivers a direct return on investment in as little as 8 to 18 months in terms of loss prevention, asset accountability, compliance, and efficiencies.

A Future-Proof Asset Tracking Solution
At Engineered Data Products, we know that every few years a technological innovation appears on the scene which makes preceding technologies obsolete. That is why Enasys software was designed as a scalable and upgradable solution, ensuring your investment is protected for many years to come.

With Enasys, educators can track assets with a level of accuracy that is not found in any other asset tracking solution. This is the same software in use at NASA, weapons depots, and other facilities that value clear, accurate data. The Enasys team offers training for those new to the Enasys system, although most users find the system to be intuitive and incredibly easy to use right out of the box.

See How Enasys Can Benefit Your School District
Our school asset tracking software is fully customizable, allowing centers of institution to create a solution that perfectly suits their needs. To learn how Enasys can streamline your asset-tracking process and reduce costs to your school district, contact Enasys and speak with an asset-tracking specialist today.

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