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Facilities management has gained importance over the last few years as businesses have identified that well-managed buildings, assets and utilities are critical to a company’s bottom line profits.  Facilities Managers, either internal or outsourced, are professionals that are involved in the day-to-day analysis,maintenance and repair of the company’s assets and infrastructure.  

In the process of managing and maintaining the facilities within an organization, the Facilities Manager is responsible for all the physical resources at the company or particular site.

Critical to a facilities manager is accurate and current asset and equipment management, which comes down to knowing:
1)      The assets he has
2)      Where they are
3)      Their utilization,
4)      Where they are in the life cycle……and the ability to efficiently and accurately report these metrics.  

This meets the manager’s requirements to:
●       Be in compliance with regulations
●       Address health and safety concerns
●       Report to the appropriate departments

Issues faced by Facilities Managers as they track, accountfor and report the company’s equipment and assets include the following:

Misplaced assets

With tens to thousands of square feet under management, Facilities Managers find that their assets, unless they are bolted down (and sometimes even then), move frequently, and rarely are put back where they are supposed to be.

missing assets

Tools, uniforms, scanners, and portable IT equipment can inadvertently or purposely make their way beyond the company’s specified locations. Knowing what is missing, if known quickly, can help track down the assetor equipment.

Who’s counting

A member of the facilities team taking count of and tracking assets and equipment aren’t repairing, addressing or dealing with day to day issues.  And none of these individuals are inexpensive.

Multiple programs and systems

Whether the assets are fixed, moving, or being assigned to an individual, there can be a system for each activity causing a steep learning curve and the opportunity for mistakes.

Proper reporting

Each corporate office and regulatory authority has their own requirements.

Funding for additional equipment

Not having a complete and accurate listing of assets and equipment can become an issue when requesting new authorizations for purchase.  Knowing and reporting a fresh list can provide credibility.

Existing processes

Even in the digital age, spreadsheets are commonly used to manually enter the assets and equipment. Many have upgraded to bar code but both of these methods remain prone to error.  Labels that aren’t fully vetted can fall off and maybe damaged reducing accuracy and timeliness as well.

Enasys is customer proven software solution that is easy to use and enables the facilities manager to track all their equipment and assets,fixed or mobile, near or far. Primary benefits include:

o   Time savings with Enasys being 90% faster than other solutions, if utilizing RFID

o   Enhanced security by performing more frequent counts 

o   Assigning people to assets allows the facilities manager to know who last touched what asset

o   Having counts that are free from errors allows for better analytics and improves usage predictability and security.

o   Enasys is built so that assets that are either stable or dynamic, stored or in the field, near or far, and can be tracked with one system.

o   Depending upon your reporting requirements, Enasys will customize the documentation to your specifications.

o   When tracking and counting, all adjustments to reconcile the assets can be done in real time.

o   Due to the timeliness of the counts, your people will know where the assets are when they need them and won’t waste time looking for them.

o   Presentations to purchase new assets will have the added support of your knowing all the assets and equipment currently on the company’s asset list.  

o   Being part of the whole Enasys package, tags are thoroughly tested and vetted for endurance and accuracy. It is the whole solution that allows for an accurate and timely count.  And many other benefits that an Enasys engineer would be happy to discuss with you

All Facilities Managers are managing assets and equipment with processes that are unique to the individual and company.  Enasys provides a standard solution that easily adapts to your unique needs, saving you and your team money and increasing accuracy.

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