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Facility Asset Management — Powered by Enasys

Assets managed incorrectly can quickly become liabilities. With our facility asset management and inventory tracking software, facility managers are turning information on assets into actionable data that can be used to increase profits and reduce risks. Yet, many facility managers are still relying on paper-based, barcode and legacy systems for field notes and asset inspections. Facility asset management powered by Enasys is the solution.

With our facility asset management and inventory tracking software, building managers and property owners gain more insight and control over utilities, equipment, physical assets, and other factors as they relate to operating a well-managed facility.

Using the Enasys facility asset tracking system, facility managers are able to efficiently:

  • Document assets and resources
  • Generate actionable data
  • Locate assets
  • Understand how assets are used
  • Report asset lifecycle metrics
  • Relay health and safety concerns

There are a number of benefits to taking a data-driven approach to facility management. Fulfilling regulatory compliance obligations, addressing safety and health concerns, as well as sharing pieces of data are all essential, yet these tasks are often at the periphery of facility managers’ core responsibilities.

Locate Misplaced Assets
Even when assets are bolted down, facility managers are often faced with the difficult challenge of locating misplaced items at properties. Assets may be located anywhere within the tens of thousands of feet of square footage of property. Tools, equipment, and other assets move frequently and are rarely returned to the location where they belong. To complicate matters, your current system may have individual-specific asset assignments, creating a steep learning curve and increasing the likelihood of user error.

Loss Prevention
Without a proactive facility asset management process in place, it can be difficult to spot when something goes missing. Tools, IT equipment, scanners, and uniforms may intentionally or inadvertently be taken from the property. Enasys allows facility managers to quickly tag and track equipment, supplies, and other essential assets. Having the right information at the right time is often the difference between retrieving an asset or recording it as a loss.

Share Data Between Employees
Often times, the individuals making the repairs or dealing with day-to-day issues aren’t the ones conducting asset tracking. Since Enasys is easy to use, every member of the team can share relevant data to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company as a whole.

Whether assets are mobile, fixed, or assigned to certain individuals or locations, the Enasys team can help develop a system that works best for your facility asset management goals.

Streamlined Reporting
In many facilities, corporate offices and regulatory authorities have their own reporting requirements. Enasys streamlines the process, ensuring all reporting requirements are fulfilled.

The Many Benefits of Enasys
Even in the digital age, spreadsheets are commonly used to manually enter the assets and equipment. Many have upgraded to barcode, but both of these methods are prone to error. Labels that aren’t fully vetted can fall off or become damaged, reducing the accuracy and timeliness of conducting counts.

Enasys allows you to take charge of your facility management processes by incorporating customer-proven solutions. Whether your assets and equipment are near or far, fixed or mobile, Enasys can help you to:

  • Save time by upgrading to RFID asset tracking (up to 90%)
  • Enhance facility security with more frequent counts
  • Create a chain of custody
  • Assign people to assets (know who last touched an asset)
  • Be more effective in reporting and responding to facilities-related issues
  • Generate error-free counts
  • Improve analytics and usage predictability

Depending on your reporting requirements, Enasys will customize documentation to your exact specifications.  When tracking and counting, all adjustments to reconcile assets can be done in real time. With more frequent, efficient counts, your people will know where the assets are when they need them and won’t waste time looking for them.

Funding Allocation
Not having a complete and accurate listing of assets and equipment can become an issue when requesting new authorizations for purchase. With a fresh, accurate list of assets and equipment, Enasys puts facility managers in a better position when it comes time to seek funding or request facility purchases.

Smart Tags Tested in the Field
Being part of the whole Enasys package, tags are thoroughly tested and vetted for endurance and accuracy. It is the whole solution that allows for an accurate and timely count.  

All facilities managers use tracking process with assets and equipment unique to the individual and company. Enasys provides a standard solution that easily adapts to the unique needs of every facilities manager, saving companies time and money while improving accuracy. For more information on Enasys asset tracking solutions for facility management, speak with an Enasys representative today.

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