Healthcare is a high tech environment. With assets ranging from computers, robots, respirators, monitors, analyzers and scanners to mobile devices and laparoscopic machines, hospitals have significant investments in their technological assets.  This is in addition to the beds, vehicles, and equipment necessary to manage the day to day patient care.  Many of these assets are in continual use as they are redeployed or de-provisioned, taken offline for maintenance, or stored for later use.  Knowing where any asset is at any time, who has touched it last, and who has it now is key to securing both the equipment and ensuring it is available when needed.  

With technology constantly advancing and existing equipment moving to end of life, having a current and accurate medical asset tracking program and protocol, will ultimately ensure proper patient care. The alternative, not being able to find the proper equipment, increases the stress on both the patients and the health care workers and can create unnecessary dangers.  Adding to an accurate report the assets utilization information, all presented in a customized report, will strengthen the request for additional purchases. Tracking patients is critical as well, along with knowing what patient benefit from which equipment.  

A healthcare asset tracking system should allow medical professionals, both those involved in direct patient care and administrators, the peace of mind of knowing what they have and where their assets are all while saving them money and time. Increasing accuracy and accountability while guiding routine maintenance, ensuring proper placement and tracking usage, an advanced asset tracking system provides not only reports but provides asset intelligence as well. Most of all, the asset tracking system should provide a payback between 8 and 18 months.  

Those in charge of assets and equipment within a hospital or health care office should be able to monitor:  

·      Deployment time
·      Utilization
·      Maintenance
·      Complete life Cycle
·      Technicians
·      Movement of assets to locations both within and without the facility      

Issues faced by those in charge of properly tracking and reporting healthcare assets include:

Misplaced assets: All have experienced the enormous amount of wasted time that both professionals and administrators experience looking for a equipment or asset that has been misplaced – whether it was being decommissioned, maintained, not deployed or not put in the correct location.  

Shrinkage: The critical nature of the equipment requires that multiple levels of security are needed.  This helps replacement costs are less.

Who's counting:  Committing days to counting inventory takes away from important functions that need to performed.  Many see the task as a job to finish and don’t necessarily take the care to be accurate.  Not only is there an opportunity cost to taking someone off their primary job but the investment of their time doesn’t necessarily pay off because it is rushed and the old methodologies are bulky and slow.

Multiple programs and systems:  In controlling their assets, professionals can have multiple systems. There are fixed asset programs, asset management programs, mobile programs, check in and check out programs, and other specialty add-ons.  Some integrate well, but most do not, and nearly all require training.  This makes the time required more extensive than it needs to be.

Proper corporate, federal, state and local reporting:  Every organization wants their reports to be formatted in their way.  Standardization would be nice but it's not practical.  Many systems offer standard reporting with slight modifications making it difficult to meet your requirements.

Funding for additional equipment:  When requesting funding for critical healthcare equipment that is necessary for you to provide the highest level of service, the first question is usually centered on what you already have.

Existing Processes:  Manual processes, including the traditional bar code systems used to manage assets and equipment, are inefficient, labor-intensive, and error-prone.

Enasys Asset tracking software significantly advances the traditional asset tracking dynamic. The following benefits erase the costly, inaccurate, inflexible processes of the past and brings users lower costs, higher accuracy, and the reporting they need to improve their performance.  

Using Enasys to track assets, the user is able to:

Reduce the time necessary to track assets by 90% allowing for more frequent counts and more time to determine what is needed and perform other responsibilities.

Check in check out and identifies who has what asset and who had it last.

Increase accuracy, ensuring you have what you think you have, which guides better purchasing and utilization decisions.

Utilize one system so that you have a short learning curve with a solution that meets all your requirements and the ability to customize to meet your individual processes and asset classes.  

Customize reports to meet your requirements for reporting.

Track where assets have been so that you understand who is using them where and how often.

Reconcile missing assets immediately allowing misplaced assets to be properly placed in real time.

Identify the location where the assets or equipment are at the time you need them.

Present current asset lists when requesting funds for new assets which provides credibility and responsibility in taking care of the resources you already have.  

And much, much more.

Enasys is a proven software engine that is intuitive, user-friendly and comprehensive.  However, understanding the uniqueness of each situation, Enasys offers customization to meet the individual needs of each Health Care Facility, whether it be a hospital or outpatient center.  It has been designed to expand and is continually upgraded to make the user’s life easier.  All asset tracking healthcare professionals will be able to perform at a higher level of efficiency with the Enasys tracking solution.

For a single location, try our Express solution.
For asset tracking at multiple locations, try out Enterprise solution.

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