Reduce costs. Improve patient care.

Enasys is changing the way healthcare facilities are managing assets, and it’s a win-win for patients and practitioners.

RFID in Healthcare: Asset Tracking Made Easy

Healthcare providers lose millions of dollars each year due to missing and misplaced assets. But, costs are only one part of the issue. When a piece of essential equipment goes missing, it also impacts patient care. By tracking assets with RFID, healthcare centers can tackle the issue head on. Enasys is here to help with our RFID hospital inventory management and tracking software.

Through Enasys, hospitals, urgent care centers, and long-term care facilities are now able to track assets with precision — and at a fraction of the time it takes to manage assets using legacy systems or manual tracking. Healthcare providers discover that our RFID hospital inventory management and asset tracking software allows them to track assets with greater efficiency. And, a vast majority of facilities see a return on their investment in Enasys within 8 to 18 months.

7 Ways Enasys Might Transform Your Healthcare Organization

With our RFID hospital inventory management and asset tracking software, hospitals and healthcare centers are able to:

  1. Easily tag and track assets and inventories. Enasys makes it incredibly easy to tag and track assets and inventories. Have an existing asset management database and all your equipment labeled with barcodes? We call that a good start. With Enasys, you can merge your database with Enasys and continue using asset barcodes as you transition to RFID technologies.
  2. Fully comply with regulations. Is your healthcare organization compliant with all regulations? Before you answer, we have one more question. Is your organization not only compliant, but capable of providing clear documentation on reportable events, and are these documents retrievable at a moment’s notice? Enasys helps healthcare organizations not only complete compliance-related objectives, but plan and executive these tasks effectively.
  3. Fine-tune preventative maintenance plans. The data generated by using Enasys asset tracking tools allows organizations to plan maintenance. This improves patient care while also minimizing the risk of unexpected equipment downtime.
  4. Create a system for checking in and out items. Enasys Portal and other technologies allow check-in/check-out functions to be streamlined, or totally automated.
  5. Have the right kind of RFID or barcode tag for the application. The is no one-size-fits-all solution for tagging medical equipment and assets. Enasys engineers will help determine which smart labels, barcodes, or RFID tags will work best for each piece of equipment.
  6. Gain a clear understanding of how assets are utilized. A vast majority of hospital and care facility administrators understand the importance of operating an enterprise asset management program. Yet, few administrators have a clear understanding of how all those expensive equipment purchases are actually being used. Often times, healthcare providers make reactive purchasing decisions, which lead to oversupplies of expensive medical equipment. Enasys helps deliver key insights into how these assets are utilized (or under-utilized). These facts allow administrators to make smarter purchasing decisions in the future.
  7. Manage the lifecycles of assets and equipment. “How often are we replacing IV pumps?” Enasys delivers useful “cradle-to-grave” insights into how long a particular piece of equipment is expected to last in your facility. This information helps administrators make smart, not reactive decisions when it comes to replacing assets and equipment.

Enasys Works with Legacy Systems and Barcodes
Pick up where your last asset tracking solution left you behind. Enasys works with legacy systems and barcodes. There is no need to replace your current barcode labels or start your database from scratch. Simply upload your database into Enasys using the import tool. As you upgrade, you can associate barcodes and new RFID tags for seamless merging of data.

With Enasys asset tracking solutions for healthcare providers, you can expect to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Improve patient care

Asset Tracking for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Providers
More than ever, hospitals and healthcare centers are employing advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment to improve patient care. These high-value purchases also necessitate that a plan is in place to safeguard these lifesaving technologies. Enter Enasys asset tracking tools for healthcare.

With Enasys, those in healthcare are better equipped to track assets and conduct inventory counts more frequently. This also translates to improvements in terms of patient care. Having the right equipment at the right time reduces stress and frustration among nurses, doctors, and staff members while also ensuring critical equipment is available whenever it is needed.

See How Assets are Utilized
With Enasys asset tracking for healthcare facilities, administrators are better able to understand how assets are utilized. This information is presented in accurate, easy-to-read reports that can be customized to reflect the needs of the facility, and will prove an invaluable resource when it comes time to purchase equipment in the future.

Real-Time Medical Equipment Tracking
Healthcare facilities are increasingly becoming high-tech environments. When a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, such as a computer, robot, laparoscopic machine, respirator, or monitor goes missing, it can cost the organization hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not to mention, patient care suffers as a result of equipment being misplaced. But, even items as large as a vehicle or specialized hospital bed can be misplaced at large medical campuses.

Enasys gives administrators an almost X-ray-like vision in determining where assets are, who touched them last, and who now has a particular assets in their possession. Asset tracking also provides info on what assets are currently in use, redeployed, offline for maintenance, de-provisioned, or stored away for later use. Knowing the exact locations of assets ensures they are available whenever they are needed.

Why You Should Have a Medical Asset Tracking Program
With technology constantly advancing and existing equipment moving to end of life, having a current and accurate medical asset tracking program and protocol ultimately translates to improvements in patient care. The alternative, not being able to find the proper equipment, increases stress among patients and healthcare workers, which can create workplace hazards and liabilities.

A healthcare asset tracking system allows medical professionals — both those involved in direct patient care and administrators — the peace of mind in knowing what where their assets are located, saving them time and money. Enasys improves the accuracy of asset tracking and accountability while also guiding routine maintenance.

Those charged with looking after assets and equipment should be able to monitor:

  • Deployment time
  • Asset utilization
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Complete life cycle
  • Technicians
  • Movement of assets within and outside the facility

Enasys is a proven software engine that is intuitive, user-friendly and comprehensive.  However, given the uniqueness of every healthcare facility, Enasys can be customized to meet the needs of every healthcare facility, whether it is a hospital or outpatient center. Enasys is designed to expand with your operation and is continually updated with additional features and enhancements.

Choose the Right Asset-Tracking Solution for Your Facility
Most healthcare facilities with a single location choose our Express solution, while those with multiple locations prefer the extended capabilities of our Enterprise solution. The Enasys staff would be happy to choose a system that is right in line with your organization’s asset-tracking goals.

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