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Asset Tracking for Insurance, Law & Finance

Insurance, finance, and law offices now use Enasys asset tracking solutions to track files and documents. Thanks to Enasys, file tracking and RFID asset tagging for insurance agencies, financial institutions, and law offices is now more effective and practical. EnaSys provides next-generation asset tracking capabilities using barcode labels and/or RFID tags.

Our file tracking software and RFID asset tagging for insurance, legal, and financial documents makes it easy to keep tabs on valuable original documents, which may include contracts, trade secrets, or agreements.

Enasys delivers asset clarity for an increasingly fast-paced, technology-driven world. Simply affix a barcode or RFID tag to each document or folder and EnaSys tag readers and software can start generating clean, highly accurate asset reports. Plus, organizations have the benefit of utilizing EnaSys’ check-in/check-out features to see who last held possession of an important file folder or asset and establish a chain of custody. All data generated by EnaSys is stored behind the company’s firewall, greatly limiting the chances of compromising confidential or sensitive information.

Smarter asset tracking for law offices, financial institutions, and insurance companies starts with Enasys. To get started, speak with an Enasys systems specialist today.

Asset Tagging and Tracking for Finance
Financial institutions use our file tracking software and RFID asset tagging tools to follow critical documents through their entire lifecycle — from loan origination to the final payoff. Affixing RFID tags and barcode labels ensures files can be easily identified and located. RFID tags can even provide data on which drawer, shelf, or specific location the file should be placed, and alert you if any documents are missing from these locations.

Mortgage and Commercial Loan Documents
Purchase contracts, mortgage paperwork, and commercial loan documents are assets, yet they can become liabilities if they ever become lost, stolen, or mismanaged. By using the asset tracking tools in Enasys, important paperwork and financial documents can be secured and tracked using RFID technology. This means assets can be tracked in real-time while also creating a company-wide chain-of-custody for key assets and documents.

Personnel Files
Human resources processes generate a large quantity of paperwork that must be accessible, yet protected. RFID tagging documents and employee files safeguards the confidentiality of personal employee information. These measures also ensure documents are available to administrators for employee review purposes. From origination to destruction, Enasys creates a seamless chain of custody.

Personnel Verification and Tracking
In finance, law, and insurance settings, the information contained on a hard drive, server, or employee laptop can be multitudes more valuable than the piece of technology itself. Tagging, tracking, and managing laptops, PCs, servers, tablets, smartphones, and other technologies loaned out to employees ensures your clients’ information remains secure.

Serious asset tracking for finance, law, and insurance starts with Enasys. To discuss your company’s asset-tracking requirements, schedule a consultation with an Enasys specialist. We can also provide a quote on custom asset tracking solutions.

Enasys Protects Historical Documents
Recently, Enasys was tasked with securing historical land records within the Bureau of Land Management’s archive room. By installing RFID-enabled portal scanners at each doorway of this publicly accessible room, BLM is now able to quickly respond to common security breeches, such as a document or folder being taken from the archives.

In an age where client data has never been more valuable, many law firms, insurance agencies, and financial centers are now implementing similar asset tracking technologies to safeguard valuable client information. It all starts with Enasys. Contact us today for additional information.

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