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Manufacturers continue to search for solutions to run leaner and to improve the quality, service,and delivery of their products.  In the face of competition and the rising cost of materials, manufacturers diligently work to protect and even increase their margins.

To succeed against such pressures, manufactures are looking to innovative technologies to increase productivity.  Moving on from legacy software, adopting smarter systems and implementing IoT solutions, will result in businesses increasing their efficiency while becoming more effective in their flexibility to market demands such as last minute changes to customer orders, some of which require them to scale production up or down.

Implementing an advanced barcode/RFID asset tracking solution brings companies greater flexibility, lower costs and improved service.

Inventory traceability

Tagging individual or key components such as raw materials and / or finished product(s) can provide real time visibility of current inventory levels, which can lower inventory carrying costs.  The use of a tracking solution can also help track defects from suppliers to ensure they don’t inadvertently enter the supply chain.

Reduce shrinkage

Tools, fixtures and replacement parts sometimes have a way of walking out of the plant. Assigning tools to equipment to individuals ensures  personal responsibility.

Equipment, tools and fixture tracking / monitoring

An advanced tracking barcode/RFID  solution helps locate lost or misplaced assets that are integral to production set-up and execution. It can provide insight on asset use, maintenance / repair records, and life cycle as well ask track who has them or what  location/facility the asset is located in.

Quality assurance

Questions such as frequency of use, machinery repair history, and who used what equipment last can help manufacturers understand and solve actual or potential equipment issues.  


A proper audit provides the knowledge of what you have, its location, how it’s used, and its life cycle stage in real time, which greatly enhances inventory and equipment maintenance and auditing. Many manufacturers are still doing manual inventories monthly, quarterly and annually which is time consuming, drains resources, and hinders production. Having an advanced asset tracking solution in place and using it regularly to account for inventory can dramatically reduce the number of inventory counts and loss of assets.

Implementing an asset tracking solution into the manufacturing process will increase production and profitability by addressing the areas of inefficiencies noted above. The ROI can be seen in about 12 to 14 months.

Enasys is a customer proven software solution that is easy to use and enables manufacturers to track all of their equipment and assets,fixed or mobile, near or far. Some of its primary benefits include the following:

o   Saved time, with Enasys being 90% faster than other solutions

o   Enhanced security of tools and equipment by linking them to individuals within the system.

o   Having counts that are free from errors allows for accurate analytics,improved usage,predictability and security. When tracking and counting, all adjustments to reconcile the assets can be done in real time.

o   Presentations to purchase new assets will have the added support of your knowing all the assets and equipment currently on the company’s asset list.

o   The Enasys solution is complete - providing the hardware, tags, software support, and training to allow quick implementation. Our experts will help you choose the proper tags and placement, based on the conditions of your environment, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

o   Included in he Enasys bar code/RFID solution are scanners with an 8” or larger tablet that are easy to view, reducing misreads. Printers are also available for printing labels with or without RFID embedded chips.

All manufacturers are managing assets and equipment with processes that are unique to the individual and company. Enasys is the one solution that easily adapts its out of the box capabilities to fit your unique needs, allowing you and your team to save money, increase accuracy, and bring simplicity to the entire asset and equipment management system.

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