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How Manufacturing Uses Asset Tracking

In manufacturing, asset tracking and inventory traceability is an essential part of ensuring accurate inventory, on-time deliveries, and quality of service. With rising costs in labor and materials, many manufacturers are seeking solutions that allow them to run leaner, more profitable operations.

A state of organized chaos is how best to describe most manufacturing environments. Tools and equipment are constantly changing hands and moving from site to site. Enasys translates these seemingly haphazard movements into seamless, beautiful data with our manufacturing asset tracking and inventory traceability service.

With Enasys manufacturing asset tracking and inventory traceability service, manufacturers can focus on getting the job done instead of tracking down or replacing lost tools and equipment.

With Enasys Portal, managers can track the movement of assets and employees in real time. Racks, containers, drums, pallets, and other essential materials can all be tagged, tracked, and located. Unlike other asset tracking solutions, Enasys accepts barcode labels, RFID tags, and user-inputted visual confirmation of assets.

Enasys handhelds feature a 10” tablet screen built right into the hardware. This screen real estate keeps the handheld lightweight while letting users perform advanced functions whether they are in the office or on the floor.

Enasys Gives Flexibility to Manufacturing Facilities
Enasys is a complete manufacturing asset tracking and inventory traceability solution that allows manufacturers to increase profit margins and succeed in an increasingly competitive field. With Enasys solutions, your operation will become more efficient and flexible, all while harnessing IoT (the “internet of things”). Fulfill last-minute order change requests and respond to fluctuations in market demand with ease by tracking and locating inventory items and predicting market trends.

Greater Accountability
Not all RFID tags work on all materials. Enasys will review the assets you are seeking to track and recommend the right RFID tags. This ensures highly accurate reporting, whether you are tracking assets by foot, portal, or RFID-enabled drones. Enasys has the perfect solution for your asset-tracking needs.

Implementing an advanced barcode and/or RFID asset tracking solution reduces operating costs and drives profits. Enasys can help. To see what Enasys can do for your industrial or manufacturing operation, contact Enasys to speak with a product specialist.

Inventory Traceability
Tagging individual or key components such as raw materials and / or finished product(s) can provide real time visibility of current inventory levels, which can lower inventory carrying costs.  The use of a tracking solution can also help track defects from suppliers to ensure they don’t inadvertently enter the supply chain.

Reduce Shrinkage
Tools, fixtures and replacement parts sometimes have a way of walking out of the plant. Assigning tools to equipment to individuals ensures personal responsibility.

Equipment, Tools, and Fixture Tracking & Monitoring
An advanced tracking barcode/RFID solution helps locate lost or misplaced assets that are integral to production set-up and execution. It can provide insight on asset use, maintenance / repair records, and life cycle as well ask track who has them or what  location/facility the asset is located in.

Quality Assurance
Questions such as frequency of use, machinery repair history, and who used what equipment last can help manufacturers understand and solve actual or potential equipment issues.

A proper audit provides the knowledge of what you have, its location, how it’s used, and its life cycle stage in real time, which greatly enhances inventory and equipment maintenance and auditing. Many manufacturers are still doing barcode or manual inventories monthly, quarterly and annually which is time consuming, drains resources, and hinders production. Having an advanced asset tracking solution in place and using it regularly to account for inventory can dramatically reduce the number of inventory counts and loss of assets.

Fast Return on Investment
Implementing an asset tracking solution into the manufacturing process will increase production and profitability by addressing the areas of inefficiencies noted above. A return on investment can be realized within 12 to 14 months for most manufacturing operations.

How Enasys Will Help Your Facility
Enasys is a customer-proven software solution. It is easy to use and enable manufacturers to track all of their equipment and assets, whether they are far or near, mobile or fixed. The primary benefits of using Enasys include:

  • Time savings. Enasys is 90% faster than tracking assets manually.
  • Security enhancements. Tools and equipment can be linked to certain individuals.
  • Error-free counts. Improve analytics, usage, predictability, and security through accurate tracking and counting. All asset adjustments and reconciliations can be performed in real time.
  • Data-backed purchasing decisions. Requests for new asset and equipment purchases are supported by a full list of company assets.

All manufacturers are managing assets and equipment with processes that are unique to the individual and company. Enasys is the one solution that easily adapts out-of-the-box capabilities to fit your unique needs, allowing you and your team to save money, increase accuracy, and bring simplicity to the entire asset and equipment management system.

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