Pharmaceutical companies use Enasys to track equipment with barcode labels or RFID tags, ensuring all assets are accounted for and in their correct locations.

Data attributes such as description, type, model, serial number, and value will further define the asset, making it easier to locate and enabling inventory functions to be performed in 1/10 the time of a manual inventory. Enasys is HIPAA compliant and one of the most powerful pharmacy asset tracking solutions on the market.


As items like medication, samples, and specimen vials travel through facilities from one department to another, they need to be tracked. Enasys with portal technology is able to track these items as they move through doors and hallways.


Path slides can be tracked as they move from doctor to doctor and from one office to another. These slides can be stored in Lektrievers or any filing system and Enasys stores the location of the item as the parent so they are easy to locate.

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