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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management with Enasys

Can RFID-driven pharmaceutical supply chain management software be a win-win for both pharmaceuticals and patients? Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly in search of a better way to track and manage key assets and inventories. Yet, supply chain management is often labor-intensive, which can increase costs at a time of consumer pushbacks against high prices of medication and healthcare services. The solution is Enasys asset tracking tools.

Enasys is a HIPAA-compliant pharmaceutical supply chain management software developed by Engineered Data Products. With Enasys, pharmaceutical companies are tracking drug development documents and other key assets with greater efficiency. Using barcodes and/or RFID “smart labels,” pharmaceuticals can now create a more accountable supply chain and provide a high degree of assurance throughout the drug development process.

Enasys is currently being used to:

  • Reduce and consolidate paper inventory records
  • Better manage supply chains
  • Prevent assets from becoming lost or misplaced
  • Conduct inventory more efficiently
  • Reduce retrieval costs
  • Improve compliance
  • Increase control and accountability over assets

Whether you are tracking equipment, documents, supplies, medications, samples, or specimen vials, Enasys can provide valuable insight into how your assets move throughout your facility. Learn how you can customize Enasys to meet the needs of your organization — contact Engineered Data Products and speak with an Enasys systems expert.

Improve Regulatory Compliance
Federal laws, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), require those in the medical community to store, track, and develop a chain of custody for records as they relate to patients and medical trial participants. Enasys asset tracking solutions help organization remain compliant with these regulations while also improving patient care and access to medical

Enasys is an Investment with Measurable Returns
Organizations that switch to our HIPAA compliant pharmaceutical supply chain management software typically see a return on investment in a matter of months, not years. With greater efficiencies in managing pharmaceutical data and associated labor costs, Enasys delivers measurable returns.

Tag Assets by Unique Identifiers
Securing products, data, and other assets is essential to a well-managed pharmaceutical supply chain. With Enasys, assets are identifiable using attributes such as description, type, batch, values, and all data relevant to your operation. These pieces of information make it easy to locate assets, conduct inventory, and manage your supply chain.

All data generated with Enasys system is stored at the server level. This means our pharmaceutical supply chain management software is in line with HIPAA compliance, and sensitive information and data are protected behind your facility’s firewall.

Track Mobile Assets with RFID Portal Technology
Medications, samples, and specimen vials frequently move from one department to the next, and sometimes to specialists outside the originating facility. For accountability purposes, a system needs to be in place to track these assets. Enasys Portal uses RFID technology to track the movement and location of tagged assets. Medium-range RFID readers positioned at strategic locations — primarily exits, hallways, and doorways —automatically track the movements of key assets.

Our pharmaceutical supply chain management software is useful in pathology applications, too. Enasys is used to track pathology slides as they move from doctor to doctor, or office to office. Whether slides are stored in Lektrievers or another type of filing system, Enasys automatically records the permanent location of these items as the “parent,” making it easy to locate and return assets.

case study

Recently, Enasys partnered with a large pharmaceutical organization specializing in the areas of oncology, metabolism, immunology, respiratory illnesses, and many pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors and veterinarians. As one of top 20 largest pharmaceutical organizations in the world, the corporation was looking at a way to ensure accountability of documentation within its complex drug development program.

Each new drug under development requires full documentation on each process. This includes testing, qualification, quality control, and clinical trials. If one piece of the hard copy documentation is misplaced, lost, or destroyed accidentally, the entire drug development process must be restarted. As you can imagine, this can create substantial losses in time and money, as well as a great deal of frustration for researchers.

The Solution

To track and secure all research hard copies throughout drug development, Enasys developed a system to track each individual file and paper record using RFID tags. The other half of the solution involved fitting 32 doorways within the facility with RFID portal readers. These RFID portals create a “wireless handshake” with each document and folder that passes by. This allows an unprecedented level of tracking, allowing department heads to automatically track the movement of critical assets throughout the drug development process.

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