Whether it be ensuring compliance with regulations or ensuring that all the gear, tools, uniforms and equipment are accounted for, functional and available, a proper asset tracking system should allow public safety professionals administrative peace of mind while saving them money and time. While increasing accuracy, accountability, guiding routine maintenance, ensuring proper placement and tracking usage, an advanced asset tracking system provides not only reports but intelligence as well.  Most of all, the asset tracking system should provide a payback between 8 and 18 months. Items that should be apart of a public safety asset tracking solutions system include:

o   Uniforms, suits, footwear and helmets
o   Technology such as computers, laptops, handhelds and cameras
o   Equipment from trucks and autos to duty belts, body armor and flashlights
o   Evidence
o   Firearms, ECD’s and pepper spray
o   Communication equipment
o   Lifesaving apparatus

Enasys offers customization to meet any public safety need.  It's a scalable solution that is regularly upgraded to make the user’s life easier.  All of this frees up police, fire, EMTs, safety officers and other public safety professionals to do their job more efficiently and effectively.

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