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Uniforms and Weapons:

Enasys is used for personnel verification and controlled assignment of key assets including uniforms and weapons. Ownership of uniforms is tracked by tagging items and associating them with specific personnel while weapons checkouts can be monitored and restricted to individuals with appropriate security clearance.


Whether police, fire, or other emergency services, Enasys can help you manage and control any unique mission critical assets stored in your facilities using our tailored asset tracking solution. In addition, designated storage locations and validated storage can be implemented to ensure you always know where your items are and who has them.


Security and Public Safety organizations use Enasys to tag evidence with an RFID or barcode label and assign to a specific case. Track chain of custody of every piece of evidence with the check-out/ in function. Inventory the case evidence in 1/10 the time of a manual inventory and easily identify any missing materials.

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