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See how Enasys is improving public safety, policing, and cutting costs through smart asset tracking.

RFID Security Solutions for Public Safety & Security Applications

RFID security and public safety technologies are currently deployed at police headquarters, fire stations, and within emergency response vehicles. Tagging and tracking assets using RFID technology allows departments to better manage mission-critical assets and reduce asset and personnel related costs.

For those who work in security, police work, EMT, and public safety, our asset management system can be customized to meet the public safety and security needs of your organization. Enasys is scalable and future-proof. As new asset tracking technologies emerge on the scene, these can be applied to the Enasys framework, ensuring your investment never becomes irrelevant. Enasys is also compatible with barcode-based and legacy ERP systems.

Enasys is a tool that pays for itself. Most departments experience a return on their investment in as little as 8 to 18 months. Our asset management system, RFID tags and identification technology from Enasys is currently being used to protect assets such as:

  • Uniforms, footwear, helmets, and suits
  • IT equipment (computers, laptops, cameras, and handhelds)
  • Evidence collection kits
  • Firearms and tasers
  • Lifesaving apparatuses
  • Communications equipment

In public safety and security departments throughout the United States, Enasys is helping first responders work faster and more efficiently while also reducing asset-related costs to their respective departments. Enasys is fully scalable and regularly updated to extend the system’s capabilities and performance.

Guide Maintenance and Improve Accountability
With our asset management system, you can create a clear roadmap on when to maintain and replacement equipment. By tracking uniforms, gear, and equipment with RFID tags and identification technology, first responders are better prepared to tackle emergencies.

Enasys also helps departments better comply with regulations. With the same ease at which assets can be tagged, tracked, and located, Enasys also generates streamlined reports. These highly accurate reports can be used to submit information and purchase requests to government agencies.

Get Started
Whether you are looking to increase compliance with regulations, reduce costs, or simply ensure gear, tools, uniforms, and equipment are ready for use, the Enasys team can recommend the right asset management system to meet the unique needs of your department. Contact an Enasys representative to see how this technology can be used in your role as a public safety professional. You can also download a law enforcement or public safety handout for additional details on Enasys technologies and how they are being used to help first responders.

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