When you need a strong, reputable, and accurate warehouse inventory management system, you don't need to look any further than EnaSys, because we have a full understanding of warehouse operations.

Warehousing and distribution centers have significant square footage and house critical inventories of goods and assets. Keeping track of finished goods and shipment routings are important to ensure efficient operations. In addition, timely and accurate deliveries and keeping your customer’s promise, are important to sustaining profitability. 

Asset management  and asset tracking helps organizations stay informed, in real time, of their inventory and assets. Know exactly what you have in inventory, what quantities,locations, and when it’s time to ship or replenish. Keep track of the assets used in your warehouse or distribution center. Whether it’s forklifts, pallet jacks, tablets, scales or tools, know where they are, how often they’re used,when they require maintenance and replacement.

asset intelligence

RFID tracking technology provides a portable database that lives with the product throughout its entire lifecycle. This includes manufacturing dates, lot codes, components used in the BOM, expiration dates, potential recalls, warranty risks and for specific customer use (OEM). RFID tracking provides data that tells you where it has been, where it is, and where and when it needs to go.

Optimize material handling

Reduce material handling times by quickly scanning a pallet of finished goods as it arrives to your facility, removing labor intensive processes of opening, manually counting and or barcode scanning.  Portals and antennas throughout the warehouse or distribution center keep track of exact locations.Know where it is placed and track when it needs to be shipped or replenished.

Increase asset and inventory visibility

Spend more time doing what counts and not counting inventory. Don’t waste time looking for misplaced assets or helping employees figure out what is where and what is what.Increased asset and inventory visibility will keep you ahead of your competitors and customers.

Increase your efficiency

Increase your efficiency by learning of errors and making corrections before it’s too late or they become a liability affecting your supply chain. Know what you have and what you need in real time. Know what equipment you use to move inventory might be in need of service or maintenance, are heavily used or not used enough, in order to prevent stops or slowing of operations.

Improve employee productivity

Employee productivity increases greatly when they are not busy looking for a pallet of goods, searching for specific tool(s) or equipment, or taking inventory using the traditional time-consuming methods. Increase productivity by removing the need to scan the bar code of every inventoried item that arrives.

Reduce theft and loss

Using an advanced tracking solution and tagging your assets and finished goods can significantly reduce costs associated with theft. Portals at exit and entry points account for all assets and inventory.Know, in real time when tools or expensive operating equipment leaves the premises.  

Misplaced asset? Portals and readers can quickly locate the asset within the property without the need of uncovering every box or pallet in the area of work.

An advanced tracking system is a crucial part of Iot developments that helps organizations improve their efficiency and profitability. If your organization is still using legacy or traditional methods of tracking assets and inventory, contact an Enasys sales representative to discuss how quickly an asset management and tracking system can be implemented.

Enasys is a customer proven software solution that is easy to use and enables warehouses and distribution centers to track all their equipment and assets, fixed or mobile,near or far, and helping to provide the best customer service possible.

Some of the primary benefits include: 

o   When assets and inventory are spread across a large facility, our drone solution reduces the time and resources needed to find pallets or boxes stored in hard to reach locations or at the end of open fields or lots.

o   Enasys tracks your assets and inventory up to 10X faster than traditional methods. Reduction in inventory time means inventory can be done more frequently with greater accuracy.

o   Know what assets you have, its location, who had it last, and when to replenish.

o   The Enasys solution is complete - providing the hardware, tags, and software that allow quick implementation. Our technicians are available to help guide you through the process of selecting tags that best fit your unique environment and will ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.  

o   Part of the Enasys solution are our Barcode/RFID readers with 8” or larger screens that are easy to read. Printers are also available for printing labels with or without RFID embedded chips.  

All warehouses have processes that are unique to them. They need an adaptable, scalable, and complete warehouse inventory management system that will save time, money, and bring unrivaled accuracy to their every day operations.

Although any of our asset tracking solutions would work in a warehouse setting, due to the fact that assets are often located in high or hard to reach locations, we recommend pairing this solution with our drone asset tracking solution.

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