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With Enasys inventory management solutions, warehousing facilities are improving their supply chains and generating invaluable insights into their operations. Request a site analysis for your warehouse or distribution center.

Powering RFID in Supply Chain and Warehouse Inventory Management

A lost or misplaced asset is no longer an asset, it’s a liability. Warehouse inventory management software and solutions from Enasys were developed with direct input from the warehousing industry. By implementing an RFID supply chain solution, warehouses are better equipped to generate real asset intelligence, boost productivity, and reduce losses.

Enasys has the tools, solutions, and team to make it all work flawlessly. Wide Area, Portal, and RFID Drone tools are improving the accuracy of asset tagging, tracking, and inventory management in warehouse settings. Enasys is more than a suite of tools and software. You also have the benefit of working alongside a team of engineers and specialists with decades of experience solving complex warehouse inventory management issues.

Better warehouse asset tracking starts with Enasys. Talk to an Enasys warehouse specialist today and learn how our solutions can drive your operation’s productivity and profit potential.

Designed for Warehouses
Over the course of several decades, Enasys engineers and specialists have worked alongside to develop the best suite of hardware and software tools for the warehousing industry. So, it’s no surprise that most warehouse administrators and workers find these tools to be intuitive and easy to use. They are designed that way.

The result of this close collaboration with the warehousing industry is a remarkably flexible set of software, middleware, and hardware tools. These can all be customized to further increase productivity, profitability, and ease of use. The Enasys team is available to install smart labels and hardware to minimize any disruption in workflow.

Gain Useful Insights into Assets and Inventories
RFID tracking technology creates a portable database that follows every product through its entire lifecycle — from shipment and receiving through shipment to the end user. This can include facts on manufacturing dates, lot codes, components used in bill of materials (BOM) descriptions, as well as expiration dates, recalls, warranty risks, and customer-specific information such as OEM.

RFID tracking provides a historical record on each product that passes through your warehouses, including its origin, where it resides in your warehouses, and the details of the product’s final destination.

Track Company-Owned Assets
In addition to tracking large inventories, warehouses also need to keep tabs on their own assets. Enasys helps administrators and managers track and locate physical assets such as forklifts, pallet jacks, tablets, scales, tools, and other assets that are essential to warehousing. If the item is more valuable than a label, it is worth tracking.

With Enasys, you will gain insight into how often certain pieces of equipment are utilized. This allows you to make intelligence-driven purchasing decisions in the future. This data can also be used to predict equipment lifecycles, create an asset replacement program, and schedule planned maintenance on tools, vehicles, and equipment.

Spend more time operating a warehousing and less time conducting labor-intensive inventory counts. Enasys helps avoid common issues such as misplaced assets and inventory while also giving your employees clear information on item location and facts. The increased asset and inventory visibility provided by Enasys will keep customers happy and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Does this Scenario Sound Familiar?
A pallet is slated to be shipped out. The truck is at the dock and ready to pull out. But, the loaders and team lead are unable to locate a particular pallet. Sound familiar? With Enasys-driven RFID portals and antennas, you will know exactly where pallets and products are located, saving your team the time and frustration of locating misplaced items.

A Complete Asset Tracking Solution
Enasys is a complete solution. We provide the hardware, tags, software support, and training so your organization can quickly implement these time- and cost-saving tools. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of how to apply tags and enter tag attributes into the Enasys system. We can also provide tips on how to use Enasys to bring great efficiency and accuracy to your inventory and asset tracking processes.

Increase your efficiency.

Greatly increase the efficiency of your manufacturing facility. Enasys helps you to quickly uncover errors and make corrections before they can impact your production or supply chain. With Enasys, you will know  what you have, where to find it, and what materials your options needs — all in real time. Know what equipment you use to move inventory might be in need of service or maintenance, are heavily used or not used enough, in order to prevent stops or slowing of operations.

Improve employee productivity.

The productivity of employees increases greatly when they are not sidelined looking for a pallet of goods, searching for specific tool or equipment, or taking inventory using outdated, time-consuming methods. RFID-driven inventory management tools with Enasys increase your operation’s productivity. You will no longer need to scan the barcode of every item that is accepted, inventoried, or shipped. In many instances, these processes can all be automated.

Reduce theft and loss.

Tagging and tracking assets and goods can significantly reduce theft-related costs. With Enasys Portal technology, you will know exactly when an asset or inventoried item has moved to another location within the facility — or out the door. What about misplaced items? Portals and readers can quickly locate assets within the facility without the need to uncover every box or pallet on the warehouse floor.

Let’s Talk
If your organization is still using legacy or traditional methods of tracking assets and inventory, contact an Enasys sales representative to discuss how quickly an asset management and tracking system can be implemented.

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