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‍Manufacturing Execution System

Automate Your Process Tracking by Digitizing Your Processes

Manufacturing plants are inherently a complicated set of processes that, left unorganized, can cost your company time and money. Enasys specializes in the automation of processes for manufacturers and material suppliers. Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) automates the tracking of manufacturing processes from the beginning raw materials stage to final production, and enables control of multiple steps in the production process. With the use of RFID or Barcodes, the system is set up to automatically track batches of products as they move through the manufacturing process. Enasys’ manufacturing execution system has customized display screens to provide production workers with key information. These employees can track the time at each production station, any items that need to be added, or which station to go to next. At the same time, customized alerts are provided if a process fails or the product is brought into the wrong step. This reduces quality control issues and the amount of product that needs to be reworked.

The Enasys manufacturing execution system and inventory tracking software backend provides information critical to the analysis of your manufacturing process. The system is capable of reporting on tracking of where the products are within the steps and any errors that occurred in the process. There are also historical functions available to track the history of batch processes to ensure the product meets any compliance regulation requirements. Critical information can also be exported for further customized analysis. The ability to analyze every step of your facility’s production will ultimately result in reduced operating costs and a streamlined process.

Our manufacturing execution system and inventory tracking software solutions offers the following features for your manufacturing and material supply production facilities:

  • Time-based – The system gives alerts on minimum times, maximum times, and times in-between stations in the production process.
  • Location-based – The software shows what step is next in the series along with alerts to indicate if the wrong station was entered. This information is critical to prevent inaccuracies in the production process.
  • Quantity based – The system allows items to be tracked based on which batches of parts are combined, in addition to information to inform which parts to add.
  • Quality Control and other text entries – The system allows for customizable text fields to be entered at each step that will allow users to enter information such as quality control tests. This allows real time management of the production process.
  • Customized processes – The Enasys professional development team can customize the software to fit your specific requirement.

Enasys MES Setup
Enasys MES provides convenient, easy access to critical process information. RFID readers are set up throughout the facility and track either batches of products or the products themselves as they move through the manufacturing facility. Displays can be set up throughout the facility to show the production workers the status and progress of the products and any alerts that need to be addressed. Timely responses to production issues means improved workflow and increased profitability.

Enasys can provide a custom manufacturing execution system for your facility. Our inventory tracking software is intuitive and easy for your plant’s employees to use. We have proven our technology in many different industries and applications, and pride ourselves in our ability to give our customers the exact software solution for their needs. Enasys MES software will save your company money by increasing efficiency, reducing the amount of costly production errors, and optimizing production output. We will work with you to determine a unique solution for your manufacturing process. Contact an Enasys representative today.