EnaSys Takes Air Force to New Heights with Weapons Tracking

Tracking weapons for the Air Force is serious business. Military armories require an in-depth view of every weapon and munition in their cache. The stock must be accounted for, recorded and in the proper hands. Prior to the EnaSys install, the process for the Air Force tracking weapons was tedious and prone to mistakes. Logging military supplies requires a major investment in time, often by people who are trained to do more critical duties. The EnaSys team was given this challenge and here is how they took the Air Force to new heights at two military armories.


  • Every weapon at Air Force armories must have a recorded history. When weapons come into the armory, the history must be checked for any misplacement and the people responsible for it. When weapons are not in use, they are kept in sealed cabinets.
  • The documentation of a weapon’s history is its serial number. The recording process is manual, requiring personal inspection of the weapon, regular recording in spreadsheets where various people are involved. There can be a lack of continuity which can result in tracking mistakes.
  • The history of the person using the weapons is also required. A weapon can only be given or taken out by someone who has the certification and training to use it. This can result in a whole other area of tracking.


EnaSys is installed and running at two Air Force armories using:

  • Fixed Scanners
  • Mobile Hand Scanners
  • RFID and Barcode Tags
  • Onsite Installation
  • Support and Training


EnaSys has ROI that quickly pays for itself in time saved, greater productivity and major innovation for the Air Force.

  • Weapon inventories typically done monthly or quarterly can now be done in 1/10 of the time at your convenience.
  • EnaSys software creates reports to build a history for compliance that breaks down every detail and event.
  • EnaSys RFID scanners can verify through cabinets without opening or going through the shelving rack.
  • With an RFID solution updating is in real time and can be observed from a centralized viewpoint by multiple people.
  • Custom reports provide multiple views and information needs for different levels of clearance that can be drilled down as needed.
  • EnaSys offers a check-in / check-out function that allows a hierarchy to determine proper certification and training per soldier.
  • Outdated weapons or decommissioned items are easily identified so they can be removed and new items that come into the system can be recorded.
  • A Fixed Reader is installed at the weapons checkout window, which provides a second redundancy for the process.

The Air Force is expanding EnaSys to not only additional military armories but examining feasibility of EnaSys to other areas of their operations.

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