Missing U.S. Armory Weapons: How EnaSys is Preventing Loss of America’s Military Assets

“We also have a machine gun that is missing.” In May of 2018, an Air Force base in Minot, North Dakota, sheepishly had to report that during the much-publicized investigation into missing explosives, they also happened to be missing a fully automatic machine gun. The weapon was later recovered from an airman’s off-base residence.

In August of 2017, an audit at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, revealed that over $1 million worth of stolen sensitive military equipment, weapons parts, and accessories were being sold to buyers in Hong Kong, Mexico, China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan through black market channels.

These are far from being isolated incidents. With nearly 500 armories spread out across the United States, untold numbers of weapons, munitions, and equipment go missing each year. Minimizing losses such as these demonstrates accountability to American taxpayers, prevents sensitive equipment from falling into the hands of hostile parties, and avoids embarrassing headlines.

The EnaSys Solution: A Case Example

Recently, a U.S. military base was looking to improve the reporting compliance and oversight of its armaments. The methods previously used were time-consuming and manually intensive. The slow pace of inventory would also delay reporting on lost or stolen items.

EnaSys, recommended our complete asset tracking solution using RFID technology. Owing to the performance of this system and EnaSys’ long history of working with the federal government to create fully integrated solutions, military base command went forward with EnaSys’ proposed solutions. The result?

An 80% Reduction in Inventory-Taking Time

With EnaSys Professional software loaded onto 10” Windows tablets, personnel were able to inventory armaments roughly five times than before. This means inventory checks can be conducted five times more often using the same number of personnel.

Scan a whole rack of armaments in seconds. It’s possible with EnaSys Professional. A whole rack of armaments can be scanned, tracked, and entered into the database in just mere seconds.

Instant Verification of Personnel

With EnaSys Professional, armorers have the information they need, when they need it. At issuing stations, EnaSys Professional is used to streamline and create a more secure check-in, check-out process. The automatic cross-check feature allows armorers to verify identity, training, certification, and authorization status prior to armament issuance — and do so in real time.

Easy Readiness Checks

EnaSys Professional can provide valuable insights into an asset’s history. Issuing personnel can examine past repairs, adjustments, alterations, as well as inspection and issuance histories prior to an asset being check out. This level of historical documentation ensures weapons are safe and ready for use .

EnaSys provides the full solution, software and hardware to more effectively manage and track all of your critical Armory assets. Our software solution, combined with any RFID tag available and stellar support will ensure you can identify chain of custody for your assets, optimize your armory and provide real-time data together with historical reporting.

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Visit the EnaSys page to learn how armories, military installations, and police are using EnaSys RFID asset tracking solutions to increase security, reduce costs, and ensure accountability at all levels.

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