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Physical and Digital Records, the Best of Both Worlds.

In today’s technology age there is a demand for digital images of records, but there is still a very real need for the physical files. For example, in many law offices and medical offices, there is a need for the physical file of the client, but there is also a need to have a quick view of a portion of the file without needing the entire physical file.  The solution is MasterTrak Essential with Linked Assets.

MasterTrak Essential with Linked Assets is the best of both worlds. This software application allows one user to check out a physical file, while still allowing other users to view any digital portion of the file. While one doctor or lawyer has the physical file, they can collaborate with another colleague without needing to bring the file to another location.

In addition to the Linked Assets and Check Out feature, MasterTrak has a built-in auditing system. Files are checked in and checked out by many different users, and some don’t always return them where they need to go.  MasterTrak Essential helps resolve that issue by utilizing the auditing portion of the software. The file manager can select the zone in MasterTrak they wish to audit, and then just scan away! MasterTrak works with both RFID tags and barcodes, so the user can be sure that all files have been entered. Once the files in that area have been scanned, simply clicking the audit button will sort all of the records into different columns: Non-Enrolled Items, Verified, Extra, and Missing. This can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to locate a missing record, and be sure that all records are in their proper location.

MasterTrak Essential with Linked Assets can be utilized across many different business applications including medical offices, law offices, government agencies, and many more.

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