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Todd Klug

Todd Klug

Division Manager

Having led EDP for the past five years, Todd has advanced the company from one that provided asset identification to one that tracks and records the movement of those identified assets in all types of environments. Building off of his two decades of experience in quick-turn, customer-responsive, high-quality manufacturing,

Todd knows how to quickly meet customer needs and is a regular attendee of training seminars, industry trade shows, and local events related to EDP specialties,including printing, RFID, and asset tracking and management, ensuring he is up-to-date on the latest processes and technology for both his team and his customer base.

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Michael Pritchard

Technical Support & Software Program Manager

Michael started writing BASIC and RPG applications in the mid-1970s on PDP-11 and IBM 360 computer systems. As technology changed, Michael adapted,earning an MCSE +I certification and learning additional technologies such as C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, and multiple database technologies.

Michael earned a BS in general science with minors in math and computer science. He continued his progression in the field of computer science by earning a master’s degree from the University of Oregon in information management. With almost 30 years of professional experience, Michael has progressed from technical support to developer to successfully managing teams of brilliant people.

While working at EDP, Michael has overseen the development and installation of software for large government agencies, environmentally sensitive pharmaceutical operations, and mid-sized companies.

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Dan enjoys helping organizations solve asset tracking challenges using RFID and barcode technology. He started his career as an extra (all of 10 seconds) in Jackie Chan’s first US movie, "The Big Brawl." After realizing acting wasn’t in his future, he went to college, graduating from Principia College majoring in Business Administration and Fine Arts. He then served as an Outward Bound instructor, honing his asset (people) tracking skills in the mountains and canyons of Colorado. In his spare time, he enjoyed training for his first marathon. Read his blog post about RFID and Marathon Running.

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Brian manages 54 partners in 25 countries and is currently the main point of contact for Enasys International partners and end users, being in mostly a more convenient timezone which enables him to respond promptly to partners and end user’s needs.

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James Mongold

marketing manager

If you count the lines on his enormous forehead, you can see that James has been working in marketing for about fifteen years. He's done a little bit of everything in his time, though.

He has served in the U.S.Navy, been a Department Head at a legal company, been an Executive Assistant, a Graphic Designer, an Audiological Assistant, an abstract painter, a cartoonist,a Writer for Musical Theatre, a Comedian, and a professional wrestler. All of that is true, except for that last part about being a professional wrestler. That's a complete fabrication.

At any rate, James has been with CFS since March of 2018.In his spare time, James enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs in the great outdoors, writing about himself in 3rd person, and tormenting telemarketers.

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linda hoak


Linda has been the Controller for Engineered Data Products Holdings LLC since November 2016. She has over 25 years of financial management experience with small and mid-size organizations.

Her industry knowledge spans database storage solutions, electrical distribution, motor repair shops, solar product development, ambulatory surgical centers,non-profits, restaurant franchises, CPA firms, and government organizations.

Linda is a graduate of Augustana College with majors in Accounting and Business Administration to include a Computer Science Sequence (equivalent to a minor).  She holds an active CPA License in Illinois along with inactive licenses in Colorado and North Carolina.

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