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Tracking Luggage with RFID technology



by Aryn Birge

Delta Airlines has pushed itself ahead of other airlines by implementing RFID technology with traveler's luggage. If you’ve ever lost a bag, this will come as great news for you! Delta has been one of the first in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in working to develop a plan to standardize and instruct RFID inlays in all luggage tags.

IATA has stated it's going to take a year to develop but during that time, they are working with partners to help to get this implemented for all airlines by 2020.

The RFID Journal has said that “Delta Air Lines deserves a lot of credit for being the first airline to show that RFID could be a cost-effective solution to the problem.” A passenger will be able follow their bags on the Delta app and be notified when the luggage has been placed on the plane. This will assist airlines in locating bags should they be misplaced or put on the wrong flight.

Much like this prototype software, EnaSys asset tracking software can be used in many applications, from tracking office equipment to documents to aeronautical equipment, luggage, and everything in between. EnaSys uses real-time tracking via portals and handheld scanners to determine where critical assets like your luggage are located at any given time. Assets can be assigned to a user and still have their location tracked as they move throughout any facility. This reduces costs by eliminating lost assets and time spent searching for them. EnaSys also includes custom reporting tools to keep track of when and where items have moved.

EnaSys can be utilized across many different business applications.

Contact one of our asset tracking experts today to find an asset tracking solution that works for you.

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