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When the Bureau of Land Management Calls

by Aryn Birge

EnaSys has just partnered up with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Santa Fe, New Mexico to implement an initiative to track their valuable land records through RFID technology. With the public having access to view these sometimes old and fragile documents, we’ve placed RFID tags on the folders to ensure these valuable records are not “walking out the door.”  We’ve placed portals at every exit of the records room which constantly scan and report which records leave the area.

In addition to the use in the public rooms, BLM has incorporated EnaSys internally. Our software has a check in / check out function that allows items to be easily logged as they are checked out to individual employees or division representatives. This new system replaces an old, method of manually filling out check-out cards that were easily lost and prone to errors. Now, all they have to do is grab their document and scant it at a kiosk before heading back to their respective work areas.

The records team is also able to use RFID portable scanner to locate missing items, or items that were not returned. By setting the scanner to “find” mode, the team can walk through work areas with little to no interruption to their fellow coworkers and scan the area for the missing record. Our scanners come with a range finder to determine how close or how far the record is once the tag has been read. This also allows the team to perform check outs in each area to ensure that records have been checked out to the appropriate person.

The Bureau of Land Management is just getting started with EnaSys and RFID asset tracking, but they’re already excited about the time and money they’ll save in addition to the preservation and safeguarding of precious documents, some of which are over 100 years old!

EnaSys software can be used across a multitude of industries and has limitless possibilities in terms of its applications – whether tracking records like the BLM, tracking medications in a pharmacy, tracking public safety items, or tracking government property.

Contact us today to see how asset tracking can save you time and money.

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