RFID Asset tracking and Social Distancing

COVID-19 has changed the way the world does business. Common work functions that were previously never issues, have become life and death concerns, especially when it comes to social distancing. On top of that, a study from Global Workplace Analytics estimates up to 30% of the population will be working from home in 2021 . These changes in the work environment can create an astronomical challenge to keep track of company assets, a challenge that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can solve.

Keep your distance!

Previously your distance from other people did not matter, now it’s imperative to keep a safe proximity from your peers. How are we supposed to avoid disrupting workflow, all-the-while complying to social distancing measures? When taking inventory of products or assets, do you stop the work, ask the employees to step away, then count the inventory? This scenario can not only scale back workflow efficiency, but also creates potential profit loss for the company.  Enter Enasys’ RFID asset tracking solution. Enasys software allows you to inventory and check assets from a distance. With read ranges up to 30 feet, RFID can provide substantial distance to keep your employees safe and avoid disruption to your workflow. Simply walk into the room, scan from a distance and let Enasys do the rest.  

Who has what?

With businesses gradually opening back up, it appears many will continue working from home. This makes it increasingly challenging to track computers, phones and other essential equipment. With RFID, managing these items can be completely automated. Track assets leaving and arriving with Enasys’ check in/out function, detailing real-time location and staff member in possession.

Improve Efficiency!

Manual processes with spreadsheets can be a total nightmare. They are not only time consuming to set up, but take a lot of work to maintain accuracy and updates. Let’s face it, no one keeps up with the lists until they have to. At Enasys, we want our users to enable efficiency and to automate the tracking of these assets. Find out the effect Enasys could have on your process today!

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