We carry 100 RFID and NFC tag options.

Find exactly what you are looking for, below! 

Mount on Metal RFID Labels

We have both aluminum ground plane and folded antenna mount-on-metal labels. There are 13 options in this category, each optimized for a different method of application and potential use. 

Some of the available features: tags flexible enough for curved surfaces, tags strong enough to withstand very high heat, active and passive RFID tags, print on-site, and more

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Retail RFID Tags

We carry both tamper-proof and general-purpose retail RFID tags that can be attached to a wide range of products and materials, including small jewelry, cosmetics, liquor bottles, eyewear, and apparel. Hanging tags are also available. Whether you are interested in streamlining your inventory process, track your supply chain, or prevent shoplifting, we will have an option that can fit your needs.

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General Purpose RFID Tags

Our general purpose RFID labels are highly adaptable. Typically used in supply chain, logistics, and other asset management applications, these labels come ready to apply with a high-performance permanent adhesive that can create a strong bond with a variety of substrates.

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RFID Laundry Tags

Our laundry tags are made of a mix of polyester and cotton and can be patched onto fabrics via a proprietary polyurethane adhesive that is included with each tag. There are various size options of these washable RFID tags, so you will be sure to find a tag that will fit your needs. These tags are great for tracking linens in hospitals, hotels, and more. 

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Hard RFID Tags

This category of RFID tags that we carry consists of rigid tags that are designed to primarily attach to surfaces through hardware like screws or nails, or a high-performance adhesive. There are 24 RFID tags in this category that vary in material of the tag itself, the size of the tag, the read range, operating temperature, and more; you will surely find something that will fit your unique needs.

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Automobile and Vehicle RFID Tags 

We sell five different models of vehicle tracking RFID tags that were specifically developed for mounting on windshields, license plates, and headlights.

Although each RFID tag has a unique profile of features and specifications, some key features of the tags you will find in this product category are: non-transferable, high-endurance, tamper-proof & tamper evident. RAIN (UHF) options, and more.

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People ID, Access, & Tracking (RTLS) RFID Tags

Track movement of patients in hospitals, people at large scale music festivals, and more with our RFID tags for real time location systems. We carry foam tags that can be mounted to various surfaces, tamper-evident waterproof wristbands, and contactless tickets. Whether you are organizing a corporate conference or a comic convention, we can help you decide upon the RFID tags best for your needs. Our library and media management RFID tags come equipped with a high-performance permanent adhesive backing and are printable (some printable on white paper and some printable on white PET).

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Returnable Transport Items (RTI) Management RFID Tags

Our RTI management RFID tags are washable RFID tags that are ideal for plastic crates and pallet labels. Each tag comes with a high-performance permanent adhesive that bonds incredibly well with a variety of substrates. These tags are intended for non-metallic surfaces only and are often used for tracking re-usable assets in shipping processes.

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