Real-Time Location Service (RTLS)

Real-Time Location Service (RTLS)

At Enasys, our RTLS (Real-Time Location Service) is the industry standard. Identify & track the location of assets while increasing productivity and savings. RTLS utilizes passive RFID tag to track assets, and people throughout your facility giving a real-time look into where, and who is in control of your assets. Enable efficiency with automation using Enasys RTLS software.

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What is RTLS ?

Enasys RTLS systems provide a real-time look into the user’s facility. Starting with simple hand scanning system to a wide area tracking system that cover the entire facility. The Enasys’ RTLS system is scalable from start-up to enterprise installs.

Wide area systems are either installed on a grid through out the facility showing exactly where you assets are, or scaled to pinch points like door ways that can provide room level tracking. RFID antennas are installed in each of those locations along with readers that power the passive RFID tags on the assets. No batteries or tag maintenance is required.

The RFID tags look similar to stickers and there are different types of tags for the size of the asset, and also conditions the tags go through. Enasys offers a wide range RFID tags of different sizes and shapes to ensure the right tag is used for the application.

Staff Accountability

Enasys RTLS provides a real-time personnel monitoring system for worker visibility, safety, and accountability. Know who has checked in and out of location at any given time by creating custom sections or zones for added security and employee accountability. Create a chain of custody with assets knowing who has the asset, or more importantly, who was last responsible for the asset, and where that asset was last seen.

Case Studies


Problem:  Helicopter manufacture was losing upwards of $1500 a day in manual labor alone, looking for lost travelers (paper notebook giving production information).

Solution: Enasys Provided a wide-area real-time tracking system covering every square foot of the facility. Users were able to know exactly where they left the travelers by looking at the Enasys mobile app. It reduced lost time by 90%, and the customer saw a return on investment within a year.

Medical Devices

Problem: A medical device company was continually improving their process, and moving machines and tools from storage to manufacturing lines, and between many of the buildings.  They were losing calibrated tools, and expensive machinery in their facilities.

Solution: Enasys provided a RTLS solution based on pinch point and doorways to show room level tracking automatically tracking when assets moved and where they are in the facility. The customer has a return of investment within 6 months.


Problem: In a government warehouse tools, assets and other equipment were constantly on the move. It was not known who had what item, and where they were in the facility. On top of that, the assets were constantly moving from site to site.

Solution: Enasys’ RTLS system was installed at pinch points though out the facility. RFID Tags were used to track each item’s location, and a check-in check-out system was implemented to create chain of custody with custom alerts. These alerts let the asset managers know if someone was in possession of an asset they were not supposed to. The customer reported lost assets reduced by 90%.

Industries Where You Can Find Enasys

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Enasys is the result of 30 years of hands-on inventory tracking experience and ongoing customer feed- back. The fully developed Enasys product is not only the most robust tool of its kind, but also the easiest to use. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, school districts, NASA, Bureau of Land Management, warehouses, large and small businesses, and countless others use Enasys to improve their workflow, save time, reduce costs, improve reporting and increase their profitability.

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