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Services and Support for RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Enasys offers a number of options when it comes to installing licensed products. We have a highly experienced service and support staff to assist you with all installation, service, and support requests.

Prior to your RFID asset tracking software and inventory management system installation, Enasys will draft a Statement of Work (SOW). We will conduct a “kickoff” meeting to discuss your project and work environment. In some instances, Enasys may conduct a pre-installation site visit to better understand the complexities and nuances of the project. This helps us develop a list of requirements and objectives to ensure the project is a success. Prerequisite requirements will be published and met prior to the on-site or remote installation. If necessary, any additional work will be negotiated as an addendum to the original contract.

On-site installations. A team consisting of one or more members will come to your site and perform the install of your RFID asset tracking software and inventory management system. The duration of the installation and mileage are negotiated as part of the contract.

Remote installations. Utilizing a mutually agreed upon remote management software, a team member will log in using approved security and perform the install.

Installation guides. A detailed step-by-step set of installation instructions are included with a majority of Enasys products. This option may not require assistance from Enasys personnel.

In-lab installations. Enasys will procure and prepare the hardware chosen to support the application, install the application, and ship to the client’s site. An on-site or remote install may be included with this option. Installation options include:

  • Application installations
  • Data importing and reformatting
  • Manual data inputting
  • Antenna positioning and installations
  • Antenna configuration and tuning
  • Application configuration
  • Affix labels and filing
  • Scanner and reader setups
  • Cabling for advanced communication between hardware

Training on Enasys Hardware and Software
While many organizations find our RFID asset tracking software and inventory management system to be completely intuitive, we do offer training to help your organization get the most out of Enasys hardware, software, and middleware. These are led by our highly knowledgeable staff and technicians.

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