Installation Support

Enasys offers many options for installation of its licensed products and has an experienced staff to assist you with your installation needs.  All installation is preceded with a detailed Statement of Work (SOW).  A kick off meeting will be held prior to the install to discuss the project and environment; a pre-install site visit may be required depending on the complexity of the project. Prerequisite requirements will be published and met prior to an on-site or remote install. Any additional work will be negotiated as an addendum to the original contract.

On Site:

A team consisting of one or more members will come to your site and perform the install.  Length of install and travel negotiated as part of the contract.


Utilizing a mutually agreed upon remote management software, a team member will log in using approved security and perform the install.

installation guides

A detailed step by step set of install instruction is included with a majority of Enasys products. This option may not require assistance from Enasys Personnel.

In Lab:

Enasys will procure and prepare the hardware chosen to support the application, install the application and ship to the client site. An on-site or remote install may be included with this option. EDP’s Install Offerings include:

  • Application Install
  • Convert & Import Existing Data in Required Format
  • Manual Input of Data
  • Antenna Positioning and Install
  • Antenna Configuration and Tuning
  • Application Configuration
  • Affix Labels and Filing
  • Scanner/Reader Setup
  • Cabling Necessary to Facilitate Communication between Hardware


Training is available for all Enasys products by experienced technicians.

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