Tracking Educational Assets at One of the Largest School Districts

Engineered Data Products recently had the opportunity to sit down with one the nation’s largest school districts to discuss tracking educational assets. In a district with over 50 schools, 5 million square feet of floorspace, 5 employees, and 35,000 students, assets tend to go missing on a daily basis.

To test how EnaSys could improve the process, the district selected a high school with over 3,500 asset deemed worthy of tracking. These included high-value assets such as IT-related items (laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, and TVs), as well as musical instruments, meat grinders, golf carts, tools, and all the equipment that goes into managing the property.

Previously, the district used a process that started with receiving assets, adding these to the district’s ERP system, and deploying these assets throughout the district. The system simply “worked.” Yet, the district still encountered accountability issues related to misplaced and lost assets. The district also wanted to minimize the time and resources necessary to comply with the district’s asset tracking initiatives. Conducting a physical inventory of assets over 5 million square feet of building space is a time- and labor-intensive process. All that walking, stopping, scanning a barcode, cross-referencing data points, inspecting, logging, and note-taking further added to the time and labor considerations.

How to Track Assets in a Large School System?

Engineered Data Products proposed our EnaSys Enterprise asset tracking and inventory management solution to resolve and reduce these pain points. The EnaSys Data Import tool proved to be an easy method for importing asset lists from each location. The EnaSys RFID scanner set with large, rugged tablet allowed for easy enrollment. Staff could easily scan an existing barcode, associate the asset with a new RFID tag, and take live notes on the asset’s condition and location. This data could then be uploaded to the district’s ERP system on a daily basis at a scheduled time.

A Complete RFID Solution: From Receiving to Deployment

Understanding the district’s workflow process allowed Engineered Data Products to add a crucial component to our solution. The district can now encode and print their own RFID tags in their warehouse as assets are purchased and received. Assets are now automatically enrolled and associated with an RFID tag prior to deployment.

EnaSys Enterprise provides a solution that starts with an initial proof of concept location visit. Enterprise is easily expandable to other schools within the district as time and budget permits.

The EnaSys asset tracking solution from EnaSys is a proven method to reduce costs and improve the productivity of personnel.

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